Flt Lt Peter Anthony Wansbrough Gwynne, 203 Sqn - Lost on Air Ops 5 Oct 1943

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    Good afternoon one and all!

    I'm putting together a bio of the following individual -


    61951 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    203 Sqdn.
    Lost on Operations 05 October 1943
    Age 22 years old
    Commemorated at Alamein Memorial
    Column 267

    Son of Clement Wansborough Gwynne, C.S.I., C.I.E., O.B.E., B.A., I.C.S., and Kathleen Hawker Gwynne, of Bude, Cornwall.

    His brother, Owen Llewelyn Gwynne was also killed - in a flying accident - with 42 OTU in September 1941 (see a previous thread of mine HERE).

    I've got a wealth of early life and family material, and detail regarding the circumstances surrounding his loss. However, I've got nothing (apart from LG promotion dates) between the period of 1937 and November 1942 when he was posted to 203 Sqn, North Africa.

    I know it's a long shot, but has anyone any detail, however small, regarding this individual during this period? Have you come across this guy before perhaps in an ORB?

    Hoping the power of the forum will shine!

    Thanks as always
  2. RAFCommands

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    If you go the the website of The National Archives and create a free account then you can download the relevant part of the Operations book

    AIR 27/1199/21

    This is free at the moment and on page 7 of the pdf is the detail of the loss, when he joined as Navigation Officer and why he was flying that day to cover for crewman illness.

    I'll see later if I can place is movements pre war using Air Force Lists

  3. brimacombe

    brimacombe Active Member

    Thanks for your input Ross.

    However, I've already got copies of the relevant ORB. The period I'm trying to find detail on is the period prior to his posting to 203 Sqn in November 1942.
  4. brimacombe

    brimacombe Active Member

    Pre war movements would be great Ross! Thanks again (Sorry didnt read the lower paragraph and was too late to edit the original thanks post!!)
  5. RAFCommands

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    Wild goose chase for pre war Air Force Lists - he was commissioned from LAC Feb 1941 so not listed on any confidential list until 1941 onwards.

    Apply for his full service record - give OR Service Number of 920453 and Commissioned Personal Number of 61951 to be sure they get both periods for you.

  6. brimacombe

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    Thanks Ross - Looks like it might have to be the Service Record route then.

    I'm assuming being an LAC prior to Feb 1941 he was - from joining in 1937, until mid 1940ish (and flight training) - ground crew.

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