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    Mark Granats at Arnhem this weekend
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    Thanks for the picture.

    Don't know Mark Granats but do know the other chap who is Mervyn Kersh, who is chair of my local AJEX

    Best regards and a Happy New (Jewish) Year to you and all my friends on the site,

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    This from Mark Granats face Book Post on Friends of the Tenth site.
    He carried out commemoration jumps from a Dakota at Grave and Renkum this year.


    I will be taking part in the Market-Garden 75 commemoration events next week by parachuting at Grave on the 19th and at Renkum on the 20th.

    I would like to pay a particular tribute to the many Jewish soldiers who fought in Operation Market Garden.

    On Sunday September 22, after the Flower Children ceremony at the CWGC cemetery at Oosterbeek, I would like to conduct a small ceremony at the graveside of Cpl Hans Rosenfeld aka Max Rodley at grave 23. A. 11., where I will talk a little about this fine soldier, and then chant the Jewish memorial prayer. As it is the Jewish month of Elul, I will also blow the ram's horn - the "shofar" - as is customary during this month.

    This will be at 1230, or whenever they take the barriers down, whichever is the latest. I would like to invite everyone reading this to join me. It’s just for a few minutes and promises to be a very special moment.

    Afterward, we will cross the road to the civilian cemetery and repeat the ceremony by the grave of Capt. Alexander Lipmann Kessel."

    Since I posted this, I have become aware that no less than FOUR of the Arnhem dead of 10th Battalion were Jewish. Two are buried at the CWGC cemetery at Oosterbeek:

    Pte George Alexander Emanuel 14.C.3.

    Capt John Miles Henry 5.D.1

    The graves of the other two are unknown, but they are commemorated at the Groesbeek Memorial. They are Pte Denny Keen and Pte Anthony Verhoeff.

    After visiting Capt Lipmann Kessel's grave next Sunday (see above), I would like to cross the road back to the Airborne Cemetery to visit the graves of Private Emauel and Captain Henry, and I would like to invite all that are reading this to join me to take part in remembering these heroes.

    I will also be at the Groesbeek Memorial on Wednesday September 18th. As soon as I know what time, I will post it here.



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