Forlorn Hope: Avellino (Italy) and 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion

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    8Forlorn hope - Wikipedia

    A forlorn hope is a band of soldiers or other combatants chosen to take the leading part in a military operation, such as an assault on a defended position, where the risk of casualties is high.[1]

    Such a band is also known as the "enfants perdus" (lit. "Lost Children").[2]

    Combat Jump

    509 a.jpg


    Date: 14 September 1943

    Unit: 2nd Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment

    1st Platoon, C Company, 307th Airborne Engineers Battalion (AEB)

    Operation: AVALANCHE (GIANT III)

    Troopers: 640 (599 from the 509th PIR, 41 from 1st Plt C Co 307th AEB)

    Country: Italy

    Dropzone: Avellino

    13 Sep 43 - 82nd Airborne Division recieves orders from General Mark Clark who was struggling to maintain a foothold on the Salerno Beachhead to have the 504th RCT to perform a drop mission on the Salerno Beachhead within friendly lines south of the Sele River on the night of 13 Sep 43, 505th RCT would perform a drop mission on the same location on the night of 14 Sep 43 to shore up the beachhead defenses.

    The 2nd Bn 509th PIR with 1st Platoon, C Company, 307th Airborne Engineers is directed to conduct a drop mission 20 miles behind enemy lines on the mountain villiage of Avellino, Italy on the night of 14 Sep 43, Operation GIANT III.

    14 Sep 1943 - 509th PIR Conducted the first American Pathfinder operation behind enemy lines at Avellino, Italy

    14 Sep 43 - 509th PIR Air-Assualted Avellino, Italy (Sorrento Mountains), Operation GIANT III to disrupt enemy communications and to delay a German Infantry Regiment from reinforcing the enemy counterattack against the 5th Armys landing at Salerno. German Commanders miscalculated the size of the Parachute force that landed around Avellino believing that a Parachute Regiment had landed in the area. As a result an entire German Infantry Regiment held in reserve that was planned to go into the fight against the beachhead was diverted to conduct Anti-Parachute Operations around Avellino. The mission was considered a Suicide Mission and the 2nd Bn 509th PIR with 1st Platoon, C Company, 307th Airborne Engineers spent about three weeks behind enemy lines. Forty planes with 640 paratroopers conducted the drop mission. Suprisingly three weeks later about 510 paratroopers had returned to friendly lines.

    30 Sep 43 - Paratroopers of the 509th PIR begin to return to friendly lines after the 34th Infantry Division captures Avellino, Italy

    The list of names below is only of the 599 Paratroopers of the 2nd Bn, 509th PIR that made the jump. Names of the 41 Paratroopers from the 1st Plt C CO 307th AEB will be added if an accurate list of names can be located. There were other Paratroopers assigned to the 509th at the time that did not make the jump due to being assigned on other missions or in the hospital.

    Pvt. Stanley J. Abramczyk
    Pfc. Richard D. Adams
    Sgt. Robert P. Akers
    Pfc. Houston C. Akins
    Pvt. John L. Albert
    Capt. Carlos C. Alden
    Pvt. Warren S. Aldridge
    Cpl. John F. Alexander
    Pfc. Noel W. Allison
    T-5 Jack NMI Alongi
    1st Sgt. James C. Anderson
    Cpl. Lyman W. Anderson
    Pfc. William L. Andrew
    Sgt. Joseph J. Anslow
    Pfc. Victor D. Aponte
    Pvt. Harold E. Austin
    T-4 Harold A. Bachman
    Pfc. Julian L. Baker
    Pvt. James H. Ballantine
    T-5 Roy R. Barlow
    Pvt. Alphard L. Barnett
    Sgt. Elwood G. Barnhardt
    Pvt. Robert M. Barnthouse
    Pvt. Joseph NMI Barressi
    T-5 James W. Bates
    Sgt. Kelly C. Bath
    T-5 Everett W. Baxter
    Pvt. WIlliam L. Beall
    Pvt. Stanley NMI Beatham
    Pvt. Hubert I. Beatty
    Pvt. Albert NMI Beauchesne
    T-5 Leslie W. Beavers
    Pvt. Jack C. Benbrook
    Pvt. Earl A. Bethune
    Pfc. John N. Betters
    Pfc. John L. Betts
    Pfc. John A. Bickl
    Sgt. Carl E. Bigham
    1st Lt. Stephen J. Bires
    Capt. Archie W. Birkner
    Sgt. Ellis L. Bishop
    Sgt. Lloyd K. Bjelland
    Pvt. Edward NMI Black
    T-5 Louis J. Bodor
    Pvt. Theodore R. Boettcher
    Capt. Erven E. Boettner
    Pfc. Charles D. Boisvert
    Cpl. Burl E. Bolesta
    Pvt. Walter T. Borowiak
    T-5 Ernest NMI Boudoin
    Cpl. Lloyd P. Bourn
    S/Sgt. Ralph B. Bourn
    Pfc. William R. Bowers
    Pfc. Samuel P. Bowser
    Sgt. Johnie N. Boyce
    Pvt. Alfonso NMI Brandolino
    Pvt. Anthony NMI Brandolino
    Pfc. Clyde S. Branthover Jr.
    Cpl. Daniel NMI Brenner
    Cpl. Eugene B. Brewer
    Pvt. Bruce H. Bristow
    Pfc. Denzel G. Brittain
    Pvt. James M. Broadway
    Pfc. Raymond L. Brockman
    Pvt. George J. Broderick
    Pfc. Albert E. Brown
    Pfc. Odus A. Brown
    S/Sgt. Joseph L. Buchanan
    T-5 Fred C. Burch
    Pfc. Louis C. Burdsal
    Pvt. Edward NMI Burns
    Pvt. William E. Bush
    Cpl. James W. Bussey
    T-4 Archie W. Byrd
    Sgt. James E. Cabe
    Sgt. Ray C. Cagle
    T-5 George W. Caldwell
    Pvt. Clarence G. Callahan
    Pvt. Loran G. Calloway
    Pvt. Oscar A. Calloway
    Pfc. Hugh D. Camp
    Pvt. Herbert W. Carls
    Cpl. Ray NMI Carr
    Cpl. Henry E. Carroll
    Pfc. Levi W. Carter
    Sgt. Louis J. Catizone
    Sgt. Harold T. Caufield
    T-5 Edward F. Cebrat
    Pfc. Joseph NMI Cernak
    Pvt. George B. Chaffin
    1st Sgt. Brad NMI Chalker
    Sgt. Loran E. Chambers
    T-5 Walter A. Cherry
    Sgt. Roderick E. Child
    Pvt. Odell W. Childress
    Pfc. Lenwood R. Choquette
    Cpl. Paul NMI Chorniak
    Pfc. On NMI Chow
    Pvt. Charles C. Christensen
    Pfc. Charles F. Christy
    Cpl. Charles NMI Cipy
    Cpl. Ross W. Clem
    Pfc. Gordon R. Cobb
    Pvt. Herbert M. Coberly
    Pfc. Charles R. Coffell
    Cpl. John W. Colbert Jr
    1st Lt. Cullen E. Cole
    Sgt. Richard H. Coleman
    Pvt. Arthur R. Collier
    Cpl. Boggs G. Collins
    T-5 Wilbur C. Collins
    Pfc. Ralph E. Colwell
    Cpl. Russell P. Cook
    Pvt. Wesley M. Coon
    Pvt. Ivan A. Cooper
    Cpl. William C. Cooper
    S/Sgt. John F. Costello
    Pvt. Joseph A. Cote?
    Pvt. Garland H. Cox
    Cpl. Martin J. Coyle
    Sgt. Thomas J. Crane
    Sgt. John E. Crenshaw
    T-5 Oscar F. Crevelling
    T-5 Martin W. Crites
    Pfc. Elton R. Crocker
    Pfc. Raymond W. Crockett
    T-5 John R. Cross
    Pfc. Edward H. Crowther
    Capt. Casper E. Curtis
    Pvt. Homer A. Curtis
    Pfc. Joseph NMI Cyprus
    Pfc. Thaddeus C. Czolgosz
    T-5 Thaddeus J. Dabrowski
    Pfc. Albert NMI Dager
    Pfc. WIlliam E. Daley
    T-5 Robert D. Daves
    S/Sgt. Robert B. David
    Cpl. Roy W. David
    Pfc. Burdette H. Davie
    Sgt. Donald E. Davis
    Pfc. Fay T. Davis
    Pfc. Leslie B. Davis
    Sgt. William H. Davis
    Pfc. Clarence G. Dawkins
    Pfc. Barney O. DeBary
    T-4 Nicholas R. DeGaeta
    1st Lt. Dan A. DeLeo
    1st Lt. Hugh C. DeLury
    Pfc. Roger E. Derringer
    Cpl. Walter J. Derrow
    Pfc. Kenneth H. Dewald
    Pvt. Robert L. Dial
    S/Sgt. Arthur E. Dickerson
    Pfc. Burt E. Dockins
    Pfc. Floyd H. Dodd
    Cpl. LeRoy E. Dokey
    Sgt. Raymond J. Donavan
    Cpl. Robert L. Doyle
    Pfc. Charles H. Doyle Jr
    Maj. William R. Dudley
    Pfc. Milford L. Dugan
    T-4 Francis J. Dulin
    Sgt. Woodrow F. Dunlap
    T-4 Thomas NMI Dunlavey
    Pvt. Carl E. Dunphy
    Pvt. Frank A. Durand
    Pfc. Roger W. Durant
    Pvt. Walter J. Dwyer
    Pvt. Rex L. Dye
    Cpl. Wallace H. Eaker
    T-5 William I Eckroth
    Pvt. John D. Egri
    Pfc. John F. Eichorn
    Pfc. Otto NMI Ekman Jr
    Pfc. Donald B. Ellis
    Pfc. Ord E. Elmore
    Pfc. F. C. (I.O.) Elrod
    Cpl. Walter G. Endlich
    Pvt. Ralph NMI Erickson
    Pvt. DeMont S. Erland
    Pvt. James S. Fabri
    Cpl. Clifford E. Fain
    Cpl. Henry C. Faircloth
    S/Sgt. Charles J. Farmer
    T-5 Eugene J. Felippelli
    Pvt. Herbert NMI Ferguson
    T-4 Theodore J. Fina
    Cpl. Richard D. Fisco
    Pfc. James R. Fisher
    Pfc. John NMI Fisher
    Pvt. Norman NMI Fishman
    S/Sgt. Burnett H. Fite
    T-5 Samuel M. Flagler
    Cpl. Wiley J. Flohr
    Pfc. Andrew J. Floyd Jr
    Pvt. Jack NMI Foley
    1st Sgt. George G. Fontanesi
    Pfc. Johnnie C. Ford
    T-5 John V. Forni
    Pvt. Laurent E. Fortier
    Cpl. Ora A. Foster
    Sgt. LeVerne S. Fox
    2nd Lt. Lowell W. Frank
    Pfc. Mitchell T. Franks
    Pvt. Wallace H. Freese
    Pvt. Charles W. Friend
    Pvt. George D. Friley
    Cpl. Adolph NMI Fuessel
    S/Sgt. Charlie B. Fuller
    Pvt. Arthur J. Gagnon
    1st Lt. John T. Gee
    Pfc. Fred R. Gerber
    Pvt. Edward R. Gill
    Pfc. Frank B. Gill Jr
    Pfc. Stanley B. Gilman
    Pfc. Melvin E. Glen
    Pvt. Edward D. Godlewski
    Pfc. Stanley M. Gonya
    1st Lt. Richard J. Grabow
    Pvt. Theodore R. Grabowski
    Sgt. Eugene R. Grafe
    S/Sgt. Harold C. Graff
    Pvt. Hilton E. Graham
    Pvt. Johnnie NMI Graham
    1st Sgt. Jack V. Greene
    Pvt. Robert H. Greene
    Cpl. John A. Greider
    Pfc. Kenneth NMI Gridley
    Pvt. Michael E. Grimes
    Pfc. Paul D. Grimes
    Pfc. Walter E. Gruszka
    Pvt. Thomas A. Gubach
    Sgt. Henry G. Guethle
    Pfc. Wesley E. Gunderson
    Pfc. James G. Haddock
    S/Sgt. Gordon R. Hahn
    Pvt. Eugene R. Hall
    T-5 Everett J. Hall
    Sgt. Henry NMI Hamilton
    Pfc. James R. Hammonds
    Cpl. Russel G. Harvey
    Capt. Seldon D. Harvey
    Sgt. John T. Hayes
    Cpl. Clyde NMI Helton
    Pfc. John E. Hendricks
    Sgt. William J. Herb
    Pfc. Joe NMI Hernandez
    T-4 Howard H. Herr Jr
    Cpl. Edwin C. Hicks
    Pvt. Robert L. Hodgkiss
    Pvt. Gerald T. Hogan
    1st Lt. Hugh C. Hogan
    Pvt. Robert F. Holcombe Jr
    T-4 Carl NMI Holden
    Cpl. Romas E. Holder
    Pvt. Charles Z. Hollada
    Pvt. Edward E. Holley
    Pfc. Harold W. Hollister
    S/Sgt. Charles O. Holmes
    Pvt. Frederick V. Holmes
    Cpl. William J. Holtz
    Pvt. Louis NMI Homoki
    Sgt. Charles W. Hood
    Pvt. Daniel E. Hooker
    Pvt. William I. Hooker
    Cpl. Leland R. Hottum
    Sgt. Emmanuel C. House
    Sgt. Paul B. Huff
    Pfc. William A. Huffman
    Sgt. James C. Hughes
    S/Sgt. Baker NMI Hunter
    S/Sgt. Romaine W. Hutchings
    Cpl. Leo C. Inglesby
    2nd Lt. Frank NMI Jackson
    Pfc. John NMI Jaloway
    T-5 William R. Jameson
    Pfc. Guy W. Jeanes
    Cpl. Dixie C. Johnson
    Cpl. John J. Johnson
    Pvt. Robert L. Johnson
    Cpl. Lewis L. Jones
    Pvt. Robert L. Jones
    Pvt. Stephen D. Justice
    Pvt. Richard C. Kalinoski
    1st Lt. William G. Kautz
    T-5 Robert F. Kealen
    Pfc. Francis L. Keane
    Pvt. Early K. Keiffer
    Pvt. Arthur L. Kellar
    Pfc. Harold M. Kennedy
    Pvt. James P. Kenny
    1st Lt. Albert L. Kinderknecht
    Pvt. Clifford C. King
    S/Sgt. William H. King
    Cpl. Charles R. Kirk
    Pvt. Vincent J. Kleysteuber
    2nd Lt. John J. Klish
    Pvt. Henry D. Klisiewicz
    Cpl. Burl J. Knapp
    Sgt. Ernest R. Komula
    Pvt. Benjamin J. Koswaski
    Pfc. Theodore J. Kotlowski
    Pfc. John M. Kozar
    Pfc. William E. Kreiser
    S/Sgt. John J. Kresena
    Sgt. Edward NMI Krzywonos
    Pvt. Steve E. Kucharski
    Pfc. Marcus NMI Kukec
    T-5 Theodore A. Kutkoski
    Sgt. Richard NMI LaForge
    Pfc. Frank B. LaMendola
    Pvt. Joe H. Lamey
    Pvt. Victor NMI Langer
    Pvt. Vito J. Laudicina
    Sgt. Howard E. Laudwig
    Pvt. Leroy A. Lauer
    Sgt. Alton B. Lavelle
    Pfc. Stanley H. Leavy
    Pfc. Edward R. LeCarpentier
    S/Sgt. Lehman NMI Lecompt
    Sgt. Joseph W. Lee
    Sgt. Wesley NMI Lee Jr
    Cpl. Paul E. Legg
    Pvt. Alfred H. Leide
    Pvt. Albert C. Lewis
    Pfc. Russell B. Locklear
    T-4 Darl F. Longwell
    Pvt. George NMI Lord
    Pfc. Charles J. Louer
    Pfc. Charles J. Loveday
    Pfc. James C. Lowhorn
    Pfc. Jesse J. Luczyk
    Pfc. Robert P. Lutton
    Pfc. Robert W. MacDonald
    Pvt. Wilbur S MacDonald
    1st Lt. Robert C. MacLane
    Pfc. Gabor C. Madaras
    S/Sgt. Charley E. Maddox
    S/Sgt. Leon C. Maenhout
    Pvt. Carmine J. Manente
    Pvt. Constantine NMI Markunas
    Pfc. George F. Marnecheck
    Pfc. Felix B. Marsh
    Pfc. William T. Marshall
    T-5 Archie O. Martin
    Cpl. James M. Martin
    1st Lt. John R. Martin
    Cpl. John T. Martin
    Pvt. Leo W. Martin
    Pvt. Warren F. Martin
    S/Sgt. Wilbur D. Martin
    Pvt. Edgar J. Masten
    Pfc. James T. Matheny
    T-4 George A. Matson
    Cpl. Elmer R. Maurer
    Pfc. Robert L. Mayle
    Pvt. Milford F. Maynard
    Pvt. Royal D. Maynard
    1st Lt. Justin T. McCarthy
    Cpl. James M. McClure
    Sgt. Walter L. McCook
    S/Sgt. Elzie B. McCullough
    Pvt. Joseph J. McDonnell
    Pfc. Warren NMI McGee
    Pfc. James E. McGrath
    Pfc. Robert W. McHale
    Pfc. John S. McHenry
    1st Lt. Charles H. McKinney
    T/Sgt Lester C. McLaney
    Pfc. James NMI Mederios
    Cpl. Harold D. Metzger
    Pfc. George W. Michal
    Pvt. Vernon D. Middleton
    Sgt. Edward R. Miller
    Sgt. Lincoln NMI Miller
    Pfc. Robert W. Miller
    Pvt. James G. Mitchell
    Pfc. Marshall E. Mitchell
    Pvt. Joseph S. Moffo
    Pfc. Robert R. Mongeon
    Pvt. Jack E. Monreal
    Cpl. Dorsey W. Moody
    Sgt. Joseph H. Moore
    Sgt. Lester L. Moore
    Pvt. Mariano L. Mora
    Cpl. Lynn M. Morrical
    Pvt. Russell C. Morris
    Sgt. William E. Moses
    Pvt. Pete NMI Mrvosh
    T-5 Francis H. Mulholland
    Pvt. Thomas J. Mullaney
    Pfc. Henry E. Murray
    Pvt. Harold H. Murren
    Pfc. Joseph P. Nader
    Pfc. Nicholas NMI Nagurne
    Pfc. Arthur G. Nelson
    Pfc. Ernest E. Nelson
    Pvt. Lester NMI Neuder
    Pfc. Roman L. Niewienglowski
    T-4 James H. Nixon
    Pvt. William J. Nolan
    Pvt. William E. Norwood
    Pvt. Stephen NMI Nowakowski
    Pvt. William C. Nugent
    Sgt. James W. Nunn
    Pfc. George NMI Olesh Jr
    Pvt. Joseph J. O'Brien
    Pfc. Ray NMI O'Neil
    Pfc. Victor A. Osburn
    T-4 Charles J. Otzel
    Pvt. George W. Pappas
    Pvt. Henry R. Pardieck
    1st Lt. Robert W. Parker
    2nd Lt. Cyrus C. Parks
    Pvt. Charles E. Parten
    Sgt. Robert V. Patsch
    Pfc. French P. Patterson
    Sgt. Alvin M. Patton
    Pfc. John R. Patton
    Pvt. Edward M. Pawloski
    Pvt. Floyd E. Pemberton
    1st Lt. Fred E. Perry
    Pvt. John J. Perry
    T-4 Edward J. Petersen
    Cpl. Arden O. Peterson
    Cpl. George NMI Petrisko
    Pfc. Anthony J. Petrosky
    T-5 Alfred C. Petzold
    Pfc. Harry NMI Phillips
    Pvt. Fred C. Pickney Jr
    Pvt. Richard L. V. Pieper
    1st Lt. Val S. Pierson
    1st Lt. Jack NMI Pogue
    Pfc. Robert N. Poindexter
    Pvt. Abner NMI Pols
    Pvt. Lee W. Polson
    Pvt. Garnet G. Porter
    Pfc. Billy D. Powell
    Pfc. Michael J. Powers
    Pfc. William K. Prather
    Pvt. Green B. Presley
    Cpl. William C. Price
    Cpl. Merse J. Process
    Pvt. Carroll C. Proctor
    Pfc. Louis E. Provost
    Cpl. Elihu NMI Puckett
    Sgt. John E. Pumphrey
    Sgt. Claud H. Purvis
    Pvt. James M. Pyles
    S/Sgt John W. Ramsden
    Pvt. James B. Ray
    Pvt. Wayne D. Reeves
    Pfc. Anderson R. Reichert
    Pfc. Richard J. Reuschling
    Pfc. Darwin E. Reynolds
    Pfc. J. F. Rhodes Jr
    Pvt. Walter NMI Rice
    T-5 Charles W. Richards
    Pvt. Samuel M. Richards
    Cpl. Bernard L. Roberts
    Pvt. Glen V. Robertson
    Pvt. David C. Robinson
    S/Sgt Douglas T. Robinson
    Pfc. John F. Robison
    1st Lt. Leo L. Rodriques
    Pvt. Frank NMI Romero
    Pvt. Charles W. Ronald
    Pfc. Roland W. Rondeau
    Pfc. Milburn NMI Rook
    1st Lt. Henry F. Rouse
    Pfc. George N. Russ
    Tech 5 Albert A. Sabat
    Pfc. Victor J. Sandonato
    S/Sgt Marshall R. Savell
    Cpl. Clyde W. Scarbrough
    T-5 Harry F. Schulaski
    Pfc. Harold NMI Seay
    Pvt. Avery NMI Sellers
    T-5 Michael NMI Sembrat
    Sgt. Lincoln S. Sennett
    1st Lt. Vernon NMI Sexton
    T-5 Marion W. Shade
    Pvt. Charles M. Sheridan
    T-5 George J. Sheridan
    1st Lt. William M. Sherman
    Cpl. William NMI Sherman
    T-5 Robert L. Sheveland
    Pfc. Agder S. Shirley
    1st Lt. Ernest T. Siegel
    1st Lt. Alvin W. Siegfriedt
    Cpl. Thomas L. Silas
    S/Sgt William H. Simmons
    T-5 Clifford E. Simonds
    Pvt. William E. Simons
    Pfc. Wilson NMI Simons
    Pfc. James E. Simpson
    Cpl. James F. Singleton
    Pvt. Alfred C. Smith
    Pfc. Charles A. Smith
    Cpl. Edward J. Smith
    Pfc. James F. Smith
    Pfc. John F. Smith
    T-5 Robert H. Soden
    Pvt. Michael NMI Solvay
    Pfc. William A. Soska
    Pfc. Vincent J. Sousa
    Pvt. Lonnie P. Sowers
    Pvt. Harry R. Spoeneman
    Cpl. Leon P. Sporish
    S/Sgt Leo E. Stambaugh
    Pvt. Casimir A. Stanuikynas
    Cpl. Edwin M. Stapleton
    Pvt. George W. Stenger
    T-4 James E. Stephens
    Pfc. Edward G. Stevens
    Pfc. Harvey T. Stilley Jr
    Cpl. Albert NMI Stynowick
    Pvt. Robert G. Suarez
    S/Sgt William W. Sullivan
    Sgt. William A. Sutherland
    Cpl. Leonard A. Swatsenbarg
    Pvt. George J. Szalamacha
    1st Lt. Vincent S. Tabor
    Pfc. Stephen J. Tamborski
    1st Lt. John W. Teasley
    Pfc. Jacques NMI Theaux
    Pfc. Marion W. Thomas
    Pvt. James E. Thomason
    S/Sgt Arthur R. Thompson
    T-5 James C. Thompson
    Cpl. Kalmer G. Thompson
    Pvt. Ralph D. Thornton
    Sgt. Gerald K. Tilney
    Capt. Edmund J. Tomasik
    Pfc. Harry E. Tracey
    1st Lt. Leon L. Tracy
    Pfc. Murphy J. Trahan
    Pfc. Larry T. Trevison
    T-5 Alvin L. Trumbull
    Pvt. Victor F. Trzeszkowski
    Sgt. Martin L. Ullicny
    Pvt. Michael P. Underhill
    Pvt. Green W. Unthank
    Pvt. David R. Vail
    Pvt. Aureliano S. Valdez
    Pvt. Philip NMI Vallacchi
    Pfc. William NMI Vanderberg
    Pfc. Royden V. Vandervort
    Cpl. Lloyd E. VanGuilder
    T-5 Guadalupe NMI Vasquez
    1st Sgt. Joseph NMI Viteritto
    Pfc. George NMI Voleta
    S/Sgt Arthur W. VonEssen
    Pvt. Stephen P. Vorodi
    Cpl. Joe L. Wagner
    Pfc. Albert J. Walker
    Sgt. John E. Walker
    Pfc. Vernon O. Walker
    Pfc. Robert R. Waller
    Pfc. Odus M. Wardlow
    Pfc. Billie NMI Watson
    Pfc. Pete NMI Way
    2nd Lt. Orval W. Webb
    2nd Lt. Solomon NMI Weber
    T-5 John S. Webster
    Pfc. Roland NMI Weeks
    Pvt. Otto D. Weer
    Cpl. Edwin G. Wegner
    Pfc. Charles J. Weldon
    Pvt. Lloyd C. Wells
    1st Lt. Laverne P. Wess
    Pvt. Clarence F. Westphal
    Pvt. James S. Whitacre
    Pfc. Curtis N. Whitehead
    Capt. Ralph H. Whitmore Jr
    Pfc. Richard L. Wiedelman
    Pfc. Henry G. Wilburn
    Pvt. Curtis NMI Williams
    T-5 Monroe E. Wills
    1st Lt. Lloyd G. Wilson
    T-4 Paul V. Wilson
    Pfc. Phillip L. Wilson
    Pvt. Rex M. Wilson
    1st Lt. Joseph J. Winsko
    Pvt. Frank NMI Wisniewski
    Sgt. William F. Withem
    Pfc. Chester J. Witkowski
    Cpl. Edward F. Wojcik
    S/Sgt Franklin W. Wolfe
    Pvt. David E. Womble
    Cpl. Charles NMI Woodhead
    Cpl. George A. Worthington
    Pfc. Sam Y. Woung
    Lt. Col. Doyle R. Yardley
    Pfc. Alvin NMI Zadell
    Pfc. Joseph L. Zadlo
    Pvt. John NMI Zalinskie
    Pfc. Jack M. Zenker
    T-4 Alphonse A. Zoucha
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