France - unidentified human remains at site of massacre.

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    I came across this in Friday''s local paper (rough translation) and thought it might have a British connection:
    On June 27 1944, 15 men were shot by the Germans in the Bois de Ruelle, in the communes of Gragnague and Castelmaurou. 5 of these resistants were unknown. (The other 10 known to one person who escaped.) 3 have been identified over the years - they were Charley de Hepcée, Belgian aviator, Marcel Joyeux from Poitiers, and Pierre Cartelet.
    Today the ADN has been extracted from the last 2 corpses of which nearly nothing remains. This is a new victory for the group of researchers who are appealing for witnesses or further info. "One of them was wearing English - made Camden boots and was found off the beaten track. The other posessed a handkerchief with the initials L and M, and was very young, only 17-18."
    Contact 0033 561 091 608 or georges.muratet
    Another link to the same story:
    The network concerned was called Rose-Clair.
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    The body of the Belgian pilot Charles "Charly" de Hepcée have been positively identified in 1916. His remains now rest near his beloved wife in the town of Halloy (Ciney, Belgium).
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