GAD first hand accounts of OP GOODWOOD?

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    I am seeking first hand accounts by veterans either published or not, for the GAD during Operation GOODWOOD. Focus is on 3rd BN I.G. however I am interested in all accounts. Also of any training accounts during the weeks prior to the OP. I will list some points below, however I am interested in any accounts. This information will be used to portray the 3rd BN at a Living History event in the US.

    1. Training done just prior to GOODWOOD
    2. Food issued, was it COMPO or 24 hr rations.
    3. Any accounts of engagements on the 18-20 July
    4. Did they go in with full kit or leave the haversack on lories etc.
    5. What size were the sections? 7-10 less more?
    6. Were Battle drill from the March 1944 manual utilized?
    7. Was the carrier PLT utilized?

    Thank you in advance!
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    I suggest you try and contact forum member Andrew Oglesby, he might be able to help you.
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    Just to note, I am using the search function on this sight. I have found the war diaries and some other great information.
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