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    Don’t know if any of you follow Dan Snow’s Twitter account. He posted this letter from a father to his son’s CO after he was killed in action. I thought it was worth sharing here.

    Dan Snow on Twitter
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    Any chance of copying into your post? (I don't have twitter/password..)
  3. Owen

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    Nor do I but if you click the link you can read it.
    It's a public tweet so everyone can see it.
    Click on the first page & it's easy to read the whole letter by clicking the > arrow
    I am on my laptop at the moment though , might be different on a mobile or tablet.
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  4. Incredibledisc

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    I wasn’t sure of the ethics of just nicking the photos to post here.
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    I believe the letter was written to his son's pilot, not his CO. The aircraft that he was onboard was lost with all crew so presumably he was flying as a spare bod.

    The "French boy" who visited Sgt Smith's parents appears to be 654574 F/Sgt James George Louis Martin, whose DFM was gazetted 11 February 1944.

  6. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    photo of Runnymede panel from my photo collection

    Service Number 1810132

    Died 23/11/1943

    Aged 20

    630 Sqdn.
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

    Son of John Henry and Ada Marie Smith, of Woolwich, London.
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    After reading the letter again that would make more sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Owen

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    I see the author of that letter served in France in WW1.
    I used to know a Great War veteran whose son (only child) was killed whilst a skipper of a Stirling bomber.
    (I have mentioned them a few times on here)
    It really was heartbreaking for those chaps who'd fought in & survived the trenches of WW1 to loose their sons in the following war.
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  9. Incredibledisc

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    Yes his comment at the end of the letter saying “finish it this time” speaks volumes.
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    Thanks Owen - was on phone earlier and wouldn't work. Does now I'm on my pc, though.
  11. Owen

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    Well spotted Owen. The link shows that Sgt Smith was the rear gunner on the lost plane.

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