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    Hello everyone,
    I've run into tricky ground with my research again as I am unable to go back to the national archives at the moment- and am not so sure I have the time to go again anytime soon.

    My problem is that in Feb 1943, the Germans launched a series of attacks against Y division in the Bou Arada area. I'm trying to locate which Allied forces were involved in fighting on the 26th Feb north of the Bou Arada-Pont Du Fahs road, located east of Djebel Rhiane massif. I have the Y division diary, but annoyingly it doesnt mention troop positions or unit names.

    Being Y Div, this area was under 38 (Irish) Bde control. And there is the possibility of it being French troops rather then British, but I was hoping it might be the 6 Royal Inniskilling fusiliers, 1 Royal Irish, or 2 London Irish Bns. In which case hopefully someone out there might know a bit more about these Bns actions that day more then I do.
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    What a great site. Seems a shame that the WD's are so difficult to read.
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    Brilliant, a fantastic website indeed. The unit in question was the 2 LIR, and the engagement was the battle of Stuka Farm, a battle I had oft heard about but never associated with the area. It was great to be able to finally put a location to the Bou Arada defensive line!
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    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner on this question as I have been travelling down under and am now in the Far East.

    My brother and I set this web site up over the past year and I now need to start transcribing some of those illegible diaries. My father served as CQMS with 2 LIR from Oct 1939 to Mar 1946 and was present during those most difficult days in late Feb 1943.

    There's also an interesting write up of the Tunisian campaign by Brigadier Nelson Russell on the web site. I'll add the link later.

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    This is the link and with a map of Stuka Ridge and all.

    My Dad's memory of 26 Feb 1943 can be read here:

    Irish Brigade - All My Brothers: the story of London Irish Colour Sergeant Edmund O'Sullivan

    I hope to visit Stuka Ridge and a few other notable spots in Tunisia in April - and most importantly to pay humble respect to the 348 men from 38 (Irish) Brigade, who lie at peace there.

    Thanks for the nice things said about the web site - still very much a WIP, as I continue to receive first hand accounts from veterans, and narratives left to their families.


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