Hitlerite obsession

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by von Poop, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Me and him would not get along.
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    This reminds me of the scene in "X-men First Class" where Magneto run into the two SS officers hiding out in Argentina.
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    Hey there. I have my few things to add to this interesting topic. The reason Nazis or Hitler still got that morbid attention , public curiosity and even obsession might be counted on several several factorrs but I think the main reason is for common people , public history ceased to became serious academic history. It bacame popular history where you can stretch even twist the actual recorded events due to your own personal versions of ideology thinking , personal gain even for entertaintment purposes. "History is becoming Hollywoodized" my teacher once said. Number of people believing Pyramids were built by aliens or Nazis had spaceshipshidden in Antartica are more than people who are interested in actual evidence based serious historical research. Hitler and Nazis are same more or less. What they did to Europe and world in general seem so grandoise never mind or care how evil or horrific from Holocaust to blant agression against their neighbors unfortunetely people especially younger generations idolize them. It seem so adventuous like a gripping fiction about triumphant armies conquering everywhere defeating their adversaries no matter how big they are as if it is a football game.

    Historical fact : Hitler was an ignorant oppurtunistic demogouge. He climbed up in a Germany which was in dire straits due to Depression , political anarchy and confusion. He claimed to read a lot but he just believed what he wanted to belive and rest of the actual world he naively believed he could submit it with "willpower" and his so called will was unskable. His obsession to his radical idelogy and identification of his person with German people brought only catastrope to Germany and rest of world because he gambled with lives of millons of people he claimed...

    Unfortunately for a lot of people struck with meandering lives conquerers and tyrants are becoming more and more like idols....
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    "It certainly is no pleasure to examine Hitler as a political thinker to the point that a critical analysis demands. Nevertheless it seems necessary to do so, and for two opposite reasons.

    "First, because until it has been done a greater portion of Hitler's theoretical ideas than one might think will survive, and not only among the Germans or among avowed followers of Hitler. Secondly, because until the misconceptions in these ideas are clearly separated from what was more or less correct in them, the correct elements are in danger of being made taboo simply because Hitler also thought so. But two and two still remain four even though Hitler would undoubtedly have agreed."

    More thought-provoking stuff from Sebastian Haffner.
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    Nazi-inspired TV advertising removed from New York subway

    The adverts were on the shuttle line that connects Times Square and Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan

    Nazi-inspired advertising for the TV show The Man in the High Castle has been removed from the subway in New York after complaints.

    The Amazon show is about an alternate world where Nazi Germany and Japan rule the US after winning World War ll.

    The ads showed an American flag with a German eagle and cross in place of the stars and an Imperial Japanese flag.

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo intervened to get the advertising removed.

    The city's Mayor Bill de Blasio had also called on Amazon to remove the advertising, which he called "irresponsible and offensive to World War Two and Holocaust survivors, their families, and countless other New Yorkers".

    The advertising was wrapped around the seats, walls and ceilings of one train on the shuttle line that connects Times Square and Grand Central Terminal.

    The Anti-Defamation League criticised the advertising for its lack of context.

    "On the television program, which explains this is the notion of an America controlled by Hitler, you get that context. On the train, seeing the American flag paired with a Nazi symbol is viscerally offensive because there is no context as to what it means. The fact that the flag is spread across the seats only compounds the effect."

    The Amazon TV series became available to download on 20 November

    Amazon released a statement about the programme that did not refer to the advertising specifically, but said the show was "high-quality, provocative programming that spurs conversation".

    The advertising was taken down after Governor Andrew Cuomo called the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to ask him to ensure it was removed.

    Posters for the TV show, which is based on the Philip K Dick novel, are still in the subway.

    The show's creator and executive producer Frank Spotnitz told Entertainment Weekly that he understood why people were upset by the advertising but said Amazon had a tough job.

    "It's very difficult with a show with subject matter like this to market it tastefully, so I understand they're walking a very difficult line."

    "If they had asked me, I would have strongly advised them not to do it...

    "Within the show, there is a context where you see why [they're used], but just to put them out like that without the context was unfortunate."
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    Offensive and had to be removed?

    Some people need to get a grip.
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    "The show's creator and executive producer Frank Spotnitz told Entertainment Weekly that he understood why people were upset by the advertising."

    I can see the marketing meeting now - "how about we spend a small amount on advertising that some people are bound to find offensive, then when there are protests for it to be removed we can get loads of free publicity in newspapers. After that we can just apologize and say we understand, but that also gives us the opportunity to explain what the show is about without costing us a penny. Brilliant!"
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    Whatever their Marketing Strategy was, it clearly worked. Raised the profile of their product without bringing the advertiser into disrepute. That's what Marketing is all about whether it's liked or not.
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    German salon removes Hitler waxing advert

    Customers are able to rip off Hitler's toothbrush moustache on promotional cards to reveal a marketing message

    A German salon has removed adverts featuring Adolf Hitler after prosecutors warned that it broke the law, despite the owner intending it to be an anti-extremism initiative.

    The poster advertised hair removal at a salon in Cham, in the southern region of Bavaria, using Hitler's face alongside the slogan "Waxing against the Right", the BR public broadcaster reports. Little cards inside the salon used the same image with a strip across Hitler's top lip that could be ripped off, revealing the message: "1 x waxing = one-euro donation against the Right".

    Owner Ursula Gresser tells BR: "The main thought was simply to nail my colours to the mast, at a time when refugee homes are being set on fire. If they [the far-right] can do that, why can't I hang a picture of Hitler on my door?" She adds that the act of "ripping off Hitler's moustache" struck her as a "perfect fit" for hair stylists.

    But prosecutors thought otherwise and launched an investigation, telling her that using Nazi symbols is against the law in Germany, regardless of the intention.

    "The deciding factor about this offence: the perpetrator's political beliefs are completely irrelevant," chief prosecutor Theo Ziegler tells Sueddeutsche Zeitung. "After the owner of the salon saw reason and removed the picture, we stopped the investigation because of the minor nature of the offence," he says.

    The poster may be gone but Ms Gresser thinks the advert still had the desired effect, telling BR: "I think we've been quite successful in provoking a debate, to make people talk about it with their friends."

    The salon's owner wants people to speak out against the anti-immigrant NPD party
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    Hopefully no one on here is getting these for Xmas...

    Hitler's wife's knickers sold at auction - BBC News

    "A pair of lilac knickers once owned by Hitler's wife Eva Braun have sold at auction for nearly £3,000.

    Auctioneer Philip Serrell told Radio 4's PM programme the knickers were "part of a large sale" which was sold to one gentleman.

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      "he behaved throughout like a perfect gentleman"
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    Middle English (in the sense ‘man of noble birth’): from gentle1 + man, translating Old French gentilz hom . In later use the term denoted a man of a good family (especially one entitled to a coat of arms) but not of the nobility.

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    Old English hnutu, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch noot and German Nuss.

    And also on the subject of one nut...

    From Dan Snow's History Hit podcasts: Hitler’s Genitals – Emma Craigie

    "Emma Craigie @craigieemma is a writer and teacher. She lives in Somerset and is currently Chair of Wells Festival of Literature. Her most recent novel, What Was Never Said, has been nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2016. Hitler’s Last Day: Minute by Minute was co-authored with Jonathan Mayo."
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    "The long shadow of Adolf Hitler
    The Nazi leader was not the only monster of the 20th century – so why does he continue to fascinate us more than any other despot?"

    Well I would imagine due to the fact we had a 2nd World War which was quite a big event plus the possibility of him wiping out most of the human race on the planet.
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    From the Kershaw article above - first published in 2014:

    "he spoke in a language that gave voice to the anger and prejudice of his audience. It was effective because the message was both simple and radical – and because it was not the contrived product of a team of advisers and backroom spin-doctors".

    It's amazing how history keeps repeating itself.
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    'Hitler paintings' fail to sell at auction

    The auction house had been hit with accusations they were selling fakes

    Five pictures said to have been painted by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler have failed to sell at auction in Germany.

    Weidler auction house hoped to raise €45,000 (£40,000; $51,000) from the most expensive work.

    The auction was held in Nuremburg, the German city once notorious for Hitler's mass rallies where leading Nazis were later tried for war crimes.

    Accusations of forgery marred the auction and city mayor Ulrich Maly described it as being in "bad taste".

    The sale also included items said to have been owned by the dictator, including a vase and a wicker chair with a swastika on its arm.

    Under Hitler's rule (1933-45), Nazi Germany began World War II, pursuing a genocidal policy that resulted in the deaths of some six million Jews, and tens of millions of other civilians and combatants.

    Public displays of Nazi symbols are against the law in Germany - except in some contexts, such as for educational or historical reasons.

    The auction house got around the law by pixelating the symbols within their catalogue.

    What problems did the auction face?
    Dozens of artworks, including some set for sale, were seized from the auction house last week by German police.

    Prosecutors said a total of 63 items bearing the signatures "AH" or "A Hitler" were confiscated over forgery concerns.

    An investigation was opened into unidentified individuals "on suspicion of falsifying documents and attempted fraud", Nuremberg-Fuerth chief prosecutor Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke told AFP.

    She confirmed the auction house had co-operated and handed the works over voluntarily.

    The five paintings that remained on sale failed to spark interest

    Sales of paintings purporting to be from the dictator regularly generate controversy and accusations of forgery.

    Last month German police seized a collection due to go on sale in Berlin over concerns over their authenticity.

    Hitler, who was twice rejected by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, is known to have sold his artwork in his youth.

    Dozens of works attributed to him, which were regarded by art experts as being of poor quality, have been sold over the years.

    In 2015, Weidler auction house sold more than a dozen paintings attributed to Hitler for almost €400,000.

    A Swastika wicker chair said to have belonged to Hitler also failed to sell at the auction

    Bidders then reportedly came from Germany, China, France, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

    In 2014 the auction house sold a Hitler watercolour of Munich's city hall for €130,000.

    The sale of Nazi memorabilia remains a divisive topic around the world.

    Some buyers say it is for historical reasons, but campaign groups warn items are also purchased by far-right group members who idealise the regime.

    Last year, some UK-based groups lobbied online retailers to better regulate Nazi memorabilia sales.

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    Vienna has a lot to answer for.I say this light heartedly

    This location was where Hitler had visions of being an academic painter and described himself as such... where he attempted to make a living from his talents by selling his paintings...the result was that he led a unemployed down and out life and lived in the Home for Men for three years....... accommodation where drunkards and tramps sought shelter.Apart from his friendship with Reinhold Hanisch, who acted as a salesman for his work,Hitler had no close friends,certainly no girlfriends and led a lonely life.Later in 1910, he would accuse Hanisch of embezzling the painting receipts and stealing a couple of watercolour paintings.In the subsequent case, Hitler referenced his occupation as an artist painter.

    Such was his isolation in Vienna that his family in Linz thought he was dead.According to police records he left Vienna for Munich in May 1913.His being had not improved from the dismal period in Vienna and he scraped a living by designing posters for business outlets in Munich.

    In Vienna Hitler worked up his anti-Semite obsessions,the Austrian state anti -Semitism was a national hatred and Germans in Austria gave birth to the so called Pan German Party which became the German Workers Party in 1904.Then later after debating whether they should rename the organisation the National Socialist Party of Austria did so in 1918.

    According to Hanische,the later utterings of Hitler on political platforms in support of the manual worker were flatter and contrary to his beliefs...Hitler was said to have declared to Hanische...."the workers are an indulgent mass,they know nothing but their belly,booze and women".

    Hitler also fancied himself as possessing an architect capability.However, there was only one man he recognised and would defer to and that was Speer in the discipline.

    (On the outbreak of war,the media and British propaganda often referred to Hitler's early occupation as being a house painter.Of course, Hitler and the Goebbbels in turn were not complimentary to WSC in the war of words.)
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