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    Good afternoon,

    I'm looking into my father's war time service and my investigation has lead me to understand his ship HM LCT 1134 was commissioned in August 1944. My dad was a Wireman (electrician) PMX614507 Wireman J O'Rourke on that ship.
    He spoke about Le Harve and I have a range card for a 20cm flak gun he brought back from there.

    The details I have so far are:
    HMS LCT 1134 (LCT 1134) of the Royal Navy - British Landing Craft Tank of the LCT (Mk 4) class - Allied Warships of WWII -

    How do I find out what other port his landing craft would have sailed to?
  2. Welcome to the forum Chris!

    The Green List as of 11 December 1944 gives LCT(4) 1134 as part of 39 LCT Flotilla, "T" LCT Squadron, with location Southampton, the Flotilla being administered by HMS Squid and taking part in the Shuttle Service.

    I regrettably do not have any photo of LCT 1134.

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    Hi Michel,

    Thanks for the reply, I have some info that LCT 1134 was attached to the 61st LCT Flotilla under "Nora Comand" in September 1944 before being transferred to 39th Flotilla sometime in October 1944.
    Do you have any information on what the 61st Flotilla did?

  4. This is "Nore Command". The Green List as at 5 Jun 44 has 61 LCT Flotilla based at HMS Arabella in Boston, Lincolnshire, in Humber Sub-command, Nore Command and part of the Pooled Reserve. See:
    Green List 5 Jun 44 p48 - Nore Command.JPG
    HMS Arbella

    It seems likely that after being commissioned on 31 Aug 44, LCT 1134 was assigned to 61 LCT Flotilla until her work up was completed, and then to 39 LCT Flotilla for Shuttle Service, which was defined as follows:

    A continuous service of L.S.T., L.C.I. (L), and L.C.T. between ENGLAND and FRANCE in which, in addition to personnel ships, M.T. ships and coasters, will be carried the build-up of our forces.

    Here's an interview of the No.1 of LCT 1026 who took part in the Shuttle Service (41 LCT Flotilla, also part of "T" LCT Squadron as at 11 Dec 44 and also based at HMS Squid):
    Hayes, Frank Dixon (Oral history)

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    Thanks for digging out this information for me.

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    Looking through documents I have found post cards from Le Tréport and Le Harve, I also have a range card from there for a 2.0cm flak gun as well 20210722_124258.jpg

    So that ties up with the Shuttle Service
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