Hospital at "The Castle(?), Edinburgh"

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    Hi all.

    Been going through my grandfather's service records again and thought I'd ask if anyone knew which hospital the attached image refers to?

    If I'm reading correctly, he was "admitted to Military Hospital, The Castle, Edinburgh" Leslie on 21/1/42.

    Does anyone have any details on this? Would any documents be held at the NA?


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    BBC - WW2 People's War - Under the Red Cross Banner - Working for the VAD in Scotland
    My call up papers arrived on 5th January 1942 and I was posted to Edinburgh Castle, which had been converted into a military hospital.

    In 1896/97 the magazine was demolished and
    the two storehouses transformed by the English architect Edward Ingress Bell to
    serve as the castle’s military hospital.

    1896/97: The 1748 powder magazine is demolished and the two Storehouses are
    converted into a military hospital (to replace the one then in the Great Hall), to a
    design by E Ingress Bell, consulting architect to the War Office. The entrance
    gates are relocated to make way for the hospital kitchen, whilst the hospital’s
    Mortuary is erected behind the south Storehouse in Back Well Yard.

    1939: The first German Luftwaffe aircrew shot down over Britain, near Humbie,
    East Lothian, are brought to the military hospital.

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    Thank you, TD! Some great information there. :)

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