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Discussion in 'US Units' started by frg7700, Jan 24, 2021.

  1. frg7700

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    Relative of my partner is one of these happy chaps, but can anyone ID the unit? Only resolution available I'm afraid!

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  3. frg7700

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  4. frg7700

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    Hmm. ant seem to get signed up to it!
  5. Slipdigit

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    Any additional information? are they air crew?
    Location? Europe? they are wearing Ike jackets, so probably.
  6. frg7700

    frg7700 Junior Member

    Yes Europe - But very little more, France, Belgium, Germany. Just fishing really, couldn't find anything matching the shoulder insignia. There are also photos of her relative at the Eiffel tower and in front of an He-162.
  7. Owen

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    Badge looks like a light coloured shield with a dark wedge shape at the bottom.
    It's very small but could it be a 9th Air Force badge?
    See this photo I found, a bit larger but similar, look at how it appears on his arm.
    The way colours appear in B&W photos can be deceptive.
    See what I'm getting at ?
    9th air force.jpg
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  8. frg7700

    frg7700 Junior Member

    Absolutely. It would work....

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