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    I am trying to find any information on Wladyslaw. He was in the Polish Army I think from 1939 to the end of the war, he was in France, Greece, Romania and latterly Scotland, not sure of dates.
    I think he was in the Polish Armoured Division and I think he had something to do with tanks. He married a local Scottish girl from Chirnside, Berwickshire. If any one has any information or can point
    us in the right direction of where to search, we would be very grateful, thank you.
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  3. mykid

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    thanks Clive, will follow it up
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    Hi mykid,
    Yes he was in the Polish Armoured Division and was based in Scotland after escaping from Europe. He saw action directly after the D-day landings and think he was injured around this time but soon returned to his unit. Wladyslaw married Margaret Purves Clark from Chirnside and moved to Hemyock, Devon shortly after the war. He purchased Simmons Burrow farm which he farmed until around the mid 80's. He was born 28.4.11 and passed away on 24.8.03.

    Hope this helps,
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    There is a family tree for him on Ancestry:

    Wladyslaw Kunda

    Birth: 28 Apr 1912 - Poland
    Death: Aug 2003 - Taunton, Somerset

    Name: Wladyslaw Kunda
    Birth Date: 28 Apr 1912
    Date of Registration: Aug 2003
    Age at Death: 91
    Registration district: Taunton
    Inferred County: Devon, Somerset
    Register Number: B88B
    District and Subdistrict: 724/1B
    Entry Number: 220

    This is interesting, could this be his father? - as he is noted as a 'labourer' in 1907, 5 years before our man was born

    Name: Wladyslaw Kunda
    Port of Departure: New York, New York, United States
    Arrival Date: 31 Mar 1907
    Port of Arrival: Glasgow, Scotland
    Ship Name: Caledonia
    Search Ship Database: Search for the Caledonia in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
    Shipping line: Anchor Line
    Official Number: 121218

    Last name on the sheet
    From the sheet it looks as though he travelled alone as there are no other Kunda's listed.

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    W. Kunda (2).jpg

    His DOB shows 28.4.11 but I take nothing for granted.
  7. Tricky Dicky

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    I noted that as well, but the info is only on his death details, so whoever gave them or wrote them down may have it wrong by 1 year.

    Margaret Purves Kunda (nee Clark)
    Name: Margaret Purves Kunda
    Birth Date: 20 Jan 1923
    Date of Registration: Feb 1991
    Age at Death: 68
    Registration district: Taunton Deane
    Inferred County: Somerset
    Volume: 23
    Page: 1636

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    Hello Mykid,

    I think you got the order the wrong way round. He would have fought in the September Campaign then crossed into Romania and travelled via Greece to France from where he came to Britain (Scotland).

    After that, he would have continued with his war, through the D-Day landings and on through Europe. That was, more or less, the way the Polish land forces progressed through the war.

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