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    I am reading (and enjoying) Robin Cross's book "The Battle of Kursk" and he includes an interesting quote. "It is very likely that it was teh only occasion in Military History when the stronger side, having the capability for offensive action, went over to the defense. The future course of events affirmed that, in the given instance, the correct decision was made".

    Pretty ingenious if you ask me. Let the other side exhaust themselves and then just as they are faltering, throw your own forces against them!
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    Yes, Marshal V.D.Sokolovsky's wrote in "Military Strategy: Soviet Doctrine and Concepts" that:

    The transition to strategic defense in 1943, unlike the previous years, was planned. The Soviet Command was in possession of the strategic initiative and, by this time, had large reserves (nine combined and two tank armies as well as a number of separate formations ...); it was thus able to forestall the enemy and take the offensive. However it was decided to embark on a temporary defense so as to force the enemy to initiate an offensive and to exhaust and weaken his schock group in defensive battles; subsequently, it was intended to introduce fresh strategic reserves and to start a decisive counteroffensive.
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    it seems like koniev studied the battle of medenine well,yours.lee.

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