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    I'd like to introduce you to Loughborough Roll-Of-Honour: - Home

    It's run by Kevin Mitchell and I'm very impressed concerning the amount of data he has gathered regarding the background to all those military personnel listed therein. Worth a visit.

    Tony Buckley :poppy:
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    thanks for the post, a very good information tool.
    Last time I saw the memorial it was being cleaned for the rememberance day service.
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    An excellent project there. I think I might be able to assist with a couple of entries.
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    Guardsman 2701323 Jack Lingwood M.M.

    Guardsman LINGWOOD, JACK
    Service Number 2701323
    Died 05/10/1944
    Aged 21
    Scots Guards attd. 2nd Bn. Coldstream Guards
    M M
    Son of Duncan and Mildred Lingwood, of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.
    Location: Italy
    Cemetery/memorial reference: II, B, 1.

    Recommendation for Award for Lingwood, Jack Rank: Guardsman Service No: ... | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 373/8/703
    Name Lingwood, Jack
    Rank: Guardsman
    Service No: 2701323
    Regiment: Scots Guards attached 2 Coldstream Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of announcement in London Gazette: 07 December 1944

    Jack Lingwood MM 1.png
    S Company Scots Guards was attached to 2 Coldstream Guards
    Phaethon transcribed the war diary for 2CG
    Second Battalion Coldstream Guards in WW2 (War Diary: 1944)

    Date of Military Medal Award:
    "28th May:

    3 Gren Gds being counter attacked off Monte Grande. Our left flank was beginning to look precarious.

    Enemy counter attack ‘S’ Coy posns.

    3 Coy being counter attacked.

    ‘S’ Coy report counter attack beaten off, their own posns quite secure, and ask for information about their flanks.

    3 Coy report counter attack beaten off, their own posns stabalised some 200 yards from the top, and still and little exchange of rifle fire.

    Monte Grande is reported clear of all British troops, and the Arty harass it continually in an effort to make it untenable to the Germans.

    3 Coy report firing died down, and that the enemy have got a few men in their right hand section posns on their side of the hill; but feel quite confident that they could retake these posns. ‘S’ Coy report all quiet.

    3 Coy report the Germans are forming up at the foot of Piccolo. The Arty take on this target with very good effect, and little becomes of this attack except for three or four machine gunners, who try and work round on the flanks. Running concurrently with this another counter attack was put in on ‘S’ Coy, and after some very fierce hand to hand fighting on the crest, it was repelled. This was aided to a very large extent by the 17/21 lancers tanks who had taken up hull down positions some 1,000 yards behind Piccolo, and sniped the Germans with A.P.H.E. as they came over the crest. The accuracy of their fire was amazing. At this point of the battle it was decided that piccolo must be firmly held before nightfall, and at the same time our left flank must be quite secure. With this object in mind the 16/5 lancers tanks came up and supported 3 Gren Gds who had taken up a line of defence on our left running south. No 1 Coy of 3 W.G. were to go trough no 3 coy to recapture and hold the ground that hand been lost during the day.

    No 1 Coy 3 W.G. went through no 3 Coy and after a very short encounter on the top of the hill established themselves around the right peak of the feature.

    No 3 Coy, who had suffered very considerably during the fighting reported that they were still too much spread out on the hill and that the saddle between them and ‘S’ Coy was not being covered.
    The commanding officers therefore ordered No 17 pl of 4 coy to take a posn in this saddle.

    Casualties x-2 (lt Bridgeman, S.G. And Lt Spencer, C.G.) and 16. y- 4 (Capt Neilson, S.G.; Major Skimming C.G. Lt Charteris, S.G., Lt Crouch, C.G.) and 46. Z- Nil and 5. Exhaustion – 1 (Lt Whaley) and 20."

    From The Scots Guards 1919 - 1955; David Erskine, pg 238:
    "This first battle had cost S Company dear; one officer and ten men had been killed, and two officers and eighteen men had been wounded. But they had won a reputation to live up too. For their gallantry Captain Neilson received Distinguished Service Order, and Lieutenant Charteris the Military Cross. CSM Brown was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal; and Lance-Sergeant Jones, Lance-Corporals Downiest and Smythe, and Guardsmen Munday and Lingwood, a devoted stretcher-bearer, the Military Medal."

    Date of Casualty:
    "3rd Oct:

    Pl Cods leave to recce pl posns.

    The Bn moves in order 4,2, Bn Hq, to take over Bn posns.
    The Bn is held up on a track due to tan unsuccessful c/A on the Americans.

    Locations. S Coy MONDUZZO 0113 (44° 10' 43'' N, 11° 30' 34'' E) (res, also act as muleteers). Tac Bn HQ 058166 (with tac HQ 3 Gren Guards) 2 Coy 056169. 4 Coy 064166 (44° 12' 45'' N, 11° 34' 32'' E)

    The Americans posns were left in a deplorable state, and all that night was spent in largening their slit trencges, which were only two feet deep. 1 Gds Bde comes u/C 88 U.S. Div."

    From The Scots Guards 1919 - 1955; David Erskine, pg 283:
    "Next morning [3 Oct] there was some delay until the Americans had repulsed a German attack, but shortly after midday the two Coldstream companies went forward to take over the advanced positions on Monte Battaglia, leaving S Company behind to help with the mules. During some scattered shelling S Company suffered a grievous loss when their devoted stretcher-bearer, Guardsman J. LINGWOOD, M.M., was mortally wounded."

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    I have sent Kevin Mitchell an email offering to get CWGC headstone photos for Cassino, Anzio & Minturno casualties.

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    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA


    C.W. ROE

    ROE, C.W...JPG
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    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Gunner 1549517 Geoffrey Peirce Thompson

    43 Bty., 101 Lt. A.A./Anti-Tank Regt., Royal Artillery
    Died on 7th June 1940, Aged 27.
    Commemorated Dunkirk Memorial, France, Column 15.

    THOMPSON, G.P. - DM15.jpg
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    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Trooper 14425722 Jack Green
    Nottinghamshire Yeomanry, Royal Armoured Corps
    Died on 25th June 1944, Aged 24.
    Commemorated Bayeux Memorial, Panel 10, Column 2.

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    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Albert Edward NEAL.

    From the Lincolnshire Regiment Nominal Roll, Book REGI 3-22, page 7.

    Killed in action during the battle of RAMREE ISLAND (14 January - 22 February 1945)


    NEAL, Albert Edward - REGI 3-22 - PAGE 7.JPG
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    “C Sqn”

    Who died on Thursday 30 November 1944


    Court of Enquiry held to investigate circumstances of death

    Peaty  J H [2].JPG PEATY-doc3730095.JPG PEATY-doc3762537.JPG PEATY-doc5757004.JPG
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    Many Thanks for all your replies Kev

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