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    Jake jr

    Hello, Seeking general information regarding my Father's WWII service (Basically location of assignments and dates).

    Fathers Name: Jacob Holmes
    Relationship: Son
    Service: US Army
    Branch: CO B 2759th Engineer C Battalion (What does this mean?)
    Area of Service: Europe, Africa
    Born: 1918
    Deceased: 2003
    POW? No
    Medals? Unsure
    Campaigns: Do not know
    Age at enlistment: Approximately 22
    Rank: Private
    Separation: 1945
    Applied for Records: Yes (OMPF / Archives) Fire-No records
    State of Enlistment: New York
    Reason for Research: Recent visit to France & general interest.

    Question: Is it possible to track the movements of 591st Amphibian Engineer Brigade from May 1,1941 through January 1, 1946?
    Question: Explain Assignment - CO B 2759th Engineer C Battalion (appears on Honorable Discharge document, HD)
    Question: HD document lists assignment destinations ETO, ATO, MTO, ETO and USA. Define abbreviations
    Question: How do I learn more about my Father's assignment locations, since National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) did not have any remaining records (fire).
    Question: What else can I learn of My Father's service and his unit of assignment.

    I will be very appreciative of any help given to this topic. Thank you, Jake, jr
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    Hi Jake jr

    Since none of our own members who might have knowledge of this area have picked up on your query, it might be best to try our sister site - if you haven't already done so. http://www.ww2f.com/

    You'll find a lot more of your fellow countrymen there who'll be able to point you in the right direction. This site is more inclined towards research into Commonwealth units.

    Good luck with your research.
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    Hi Jake jr. and welcome to the forum! I'm a fellow "Yank", I'll try and help you out here . According to Stanton's WWII Order of Battle, the 2759th Engineer Combat Battalion began as the 3rd Battalion of the 591st Engineer Boat Regiment. Their movements are as follows:

    15 Jun 42 Activated at Camp Edwards Mass
    5 Aug 42 Departed New York
    17 Aug 42 Arrived in England
    2 Nov 42 Departed England
    8 Nov 42 Assaulted Oran
    6 Dec 43 Arrived in Italy

    Campaigns:Algeria-French Morocco,Tunisia,Naples-Foggia,Rome-Arno,North Apennies

    On 10 Oct 44 the three battalions of the 591st Engineer Boat Regiment were redesignated with the 3rd Battalion becoming the 2759th Engineer Combat Battalion. Their movements are as follows:

    10 Oct 44 Qualiano Italy
    20 Dec 44 France-ETO
    Aug 45 Location: St. Martin Czechoslovakia
    7 Jan 46 arrived in New York
    8 Jan 46 Deactivated at Camp Kilmer NJ

    A battalion is usually comprised of 4 separate companies, typically labeled HQ,A,B,&C. As a rule of thumb a company is about 150 men and a battalion about 600, but the numbers can vary.

    ETO=European Theater of Operations
    ATO=African Theater of Operations
    MTO=Mediterranean Theater of Operations
    USA=United States of America

    Hope this helps you, like dbf suggests you might pose this on ww2f.com also. Lots of American membership on that forum, may come up with more for you. You can check Wikipedia for definition of Combat Engineer( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_engineer). If you have any more questions I'll do my best to help, have a good one!
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    Something else I wanted to add. It sounds like you have his discharge paper, if can post an image of it we can help you with what info it contains. Good luck with your search!
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    Hello, Junior Member & all, Thank you so much for replies to my posting. The information provided is Right On! I will share this with my brothers.
    His Honorable Discharge indicates campaigns in Algeria-French Morocco, Central Europe, Naples-Foggia, Rhineland, Rome-Arno and Tunisia.
    Question: Do these locations have a military port associated with them, as I believe my Dad participated in the loading of Ships, as a winch operator.
    All the information is correct and my Father arrived back in the US on August 22, 1945, Separation August 27, 1945.
    Your information is so helpful. Thank you.
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    Me again. I think this is probably your dad from the NARA enlistment records:


    Nothing here you probably don't already know, but thought you might find interesting if not familiar with this database. Look on your dad's discharge paper in box #30 labeled "Military Occupational Specialty and NO." Does it say "Winch Operator 473" ? If so click on this link ( http://militaryyearbookproject.com/references/old-mos-codes/wwii-era/army-wwii-codes/supply/winch-operator-473)to see a brief description of his job title. If it says something else, let me know what it is and I'll direct you to the proper one. Cheers!

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    Jake jr, - Junior Member, Wow! You found my Dad. Impresive! Dad returned to Hudson, New York, to run the Family farm.(recently sold). His wife, Julia, celebrates her 90th birthday Friday. All four sons have been employed by the Federal Government, brother Robert previously an AF Eagle Pilot. Robert and I, visited Normandy this past September, which really peaked our interest. Topics seem to get buried quickly at this site, lots of interest. Our family really appreciates the effort you have given, to help. Thank You, Jake jr.
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    You are welcome. My grandfather was also an engineer, he served with Co. A of the 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion. He arrived in France (ETO) on 13 Dec 44 just one week before your dad did. Recently went to the NPRC in St. Louis Missouri to look at Morning Reports of his unit. I have been trying to find out all I can about his unit and their activities. I have even had the good luck of meeting a man on the ww2f.com forum whose father served in the very same company with my grandfather. This gentleman is also from my home state of Missouri. I envy you going to Normandy, that is definitely something on my bucket list. I visited France when I was in the service, but I was young and didn't have the interest then. Take care!
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    buk2112 got the low hanging fruit...

    but some Google searches revealed that, after the TORCH landings, the 591st EBSR somewhat split-up and various battalions operated in different areas/ports. Hard to say where the 3d Bn of the 591st EBSR ended up. From the list of campaign credits these are the possibilities:

    Algeria-French Morocco - online sources say 591st EBSR operated in the Oran area of Algeria during the TORCH landings
    Tunsia - indicates 591st EBSR probably moved eastward along the North African coast to ports closer to Tunsia
    Naples-Foggia - would include operations around Salerno beach head(American Sector) and/or Naples
    Rome-Arno - would indicate operations from Naples up to Liverno (Leghorn), to include Anzio beach head

    Rhineland - 2759th ECB operated with the Seventh Army in the Vosges Mountains, Alsace and Lorraine
    Central Europe - crossed the Rhine into Germany

    These excerpts from a newspaper article suggest additional locations.
    Original Article
    Photos of the 2d Bn of the 591st EBSR
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    FYI - The Quantico Marine Base Library located within the Alfred M. Gray Research Center @ Quantico Marine Base, Virginia, USA, is an excellent place to search for military information. The Library seems almost forgotten, but it has a wealth of information. Hope this resorce can help in your quest for information.
    Jake jr
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    I have been transcribing my father's WW2 diaries. He was in the 291st then the 2759th. I have attached a timeline that I put together from the diaries. You may find it useful in tracking your father. My father never mentions a Holmes in his diary so they may not have been in the same Company.

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