John Stuart MARTIN, MC, MB, Royal Army Medical Corps attached 11 Royal Horse Artillery

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    131321 War Substantive Captain John Stuart Martin, M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps attached 11 Honourable Artillery Company Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery
    23rd Armoured Brigade, 78 Division, 30 Corps

    On August 9th, 1943, when supporting 78 Division, "A" Battery was in action south of BRONTE at 730055.

    Captain MARTIN was with the Battery. During the evening at about 1900 hours, the road between the Battery position and BRONTE was very heavily and accurately shelled and mortared. This road was very congested with stationary guns and vehicles, and Captain MARTIN, realising that there were likely to be casualties, immediately proceeded to the place which was being most heavily shelled. A vehicle had been hit and there were a number of casualties, making it very dangerous to remain in the open.

    Captain MARTIN was quite undaunted by this heavy shellfire and attended to the wounded men without regard for his personal safety.

    By his brave action he undoubtedly saved some lives and his example had a steadying effect on all around him.

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    Captain Martin was born in Robinstown, Co. Meath.

    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details

    Name: Martin, John Stuart
    Rank: Captain
    Service No: 131321
    Regiment: 11 Honourable Artillery Company Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Sicily
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 18 November 1943
    Date 1943-1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/3

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