Kinder Transport Memorial, Liverpool Street Station, London

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    Kinder Transport Memorial,Liverpool Street Station,London

    upload_2019-12-18_15-46-29.png upload_2019-12-18_15-46-43.png upload_2019-12-18_15-46-55.png upload_2019-12-18_15-47-10.png upload_2019-12-18_15-47-25.png
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    The Saving of Albert Perks
    80 Not Out

    One of our best-loved actors, Bernard Cribbins, will always be remembered for playing Albert Perks in the much-loved film The Railway Children. In this poignant story, which has been specially written for him by Roy Apps, Bernard revisits this popular character.

    Now nearing retirement, Perks' life is turned upside down when one of the railway children returns to Oakworth. But why has she come and who are the two children she has brought with her?

    They are not hers but refugees from atrocities in Germany.

    This story reunites Bernard Cribbins and director, Martin Jenkins, who have worked together many times since Bernard recorded Winnie-the-Pooh for Radio 4 in the early 1970s.

    Director: Martin Jenkins
    Sound Designer: David Thomas
    A Pier production for BBC Radio 4
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