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    With the help of members of this forum I have managed to decode the majority of my father’s ABF 104 and for this I thank you. I have however still a few queries and once again I am seeking your indulgence.

    Philip Warbrook was attested into the RAOC and posted to no3 Training Battalion, 10th January 1940. Where was the unit based?

    He was posted to no16 ITC Hampshire Regiment 24th June 1940. Again where was this unit based?

    Whilst removing guns from a German Aircraft, 26 October 1940 there was an accident which resulted in an explosion. Armourer Sergeant Warbrook was injured in the right eye which was subsequently removed at Ryde County Hospital, IOW, and on 7th December 1940 a Court of Inquiry was held at Parkhurst, IOW. Where might I find further details, hopefully a transcript, of this inquiry?

    Thanking all in anticipation.:rolleyes:
  2. Wills

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    Southern Command

    No.14 ITC – Dorchester
    No.15 ITC – Gloucester
    No.16 ITC – Oxford
    No.17 ITC – Reading
    No.22 ITC – Warwick
    No.23 ITC – Worcester
    No.24 ITC – Chester
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    No.3 Training Battalion, RAOC was in Portsmouth.

    For the record:
    No.1 Trg Bn: Woolwich, moving to derby late 1941.
    No.2 Trg Bn: Chilwell, moving to the Hinckley area in Sep 1940.
    No.4 Trg Bn: Hilsea.
    No.5 Trg Bn: Chepstow, formed in summer 1940.
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    Many thanks as this is yet another piece in the puzzle.

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