Lieut Graham E.R Culley RAOC. Died as result of service B.E.F.

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    Came across this headstone in Canford cemetery Bristol, and wondered if he was at Dunkirk. dunkirk 2.jpg
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    Hi there,

    Culley survived Dunkirk and was commissioned, LG 29 Oct 1940. See the obit of Graham Ernest Richard Culley from the RAOC Gazette:

    We much regret to record the death of Lieut GER Culley, late RAOC, who died at Bristol on 16th December, 1943, aged 27 years. He was the only son of Major and Mrs EET Culley, the Gloucestershire Regiment. Born in the Gloucestershire Regiment in 1916 he was educated at Bristol Grammar School where, as a member of the C.T.C., he obtained certificate "A." A journalist by profession, his articles on old Bristol and the surrounding countryside were widely read. He was hon secretary of the Bristol branch of the National Union of Journalists.

    A member of the Supplementary Reserve, RAOC, he proceeded to France in September 1939, with the Advance Ordnance Workshops, and at the time of the retreat was serving in Arras. On his return to England he was commissioned in the Corps, and until retiring on account of ill-health was stationed at Didcot, where his activities in connection with entertainment will be remembered by many. He made many friends whilst serving in the Corps, and his untimely end will be widely mourned. To his widow we express condolences in her sad and early bereavement.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards John
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    good day wtid45,very senior member,yesterday, graham e,r,culley r.a,o.c.died as a result of service b,e.f.may he rest in peace,it would be the sadest headstone i have read,to read about a fallen service man/womem is sad anough but to have the family,is verry sad,may they rest in peace,regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy: :poppy:
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    Many thanks John,i posted the query as it read as if he had died of wounds as a result of possibly serving at Dunkirk still not entirely sure if that may have been the case,all the best Jason.

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