Looking for information about an old air base in Fl.

Discussion in 'USA' started by Imag3d, May 29, 2009.

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    I am a 3d artist/ illustrator and I am in the process of recreating Morrison
    field in West Palm Beach, Fl. from 1940-1957. If anybody could send me or show
    me where I can find any information (photos, personal stories, maps, etc)
    regarding Morrison Field in West Palm Beach, Fl. would be appreciated. Also I am
    also looking for photos, plans, blueprints of typical hanger construction during
    this time period. I am keeping a online journal documenting the work in progress
    I welcome all visitors for any information that they could contribute.
    Imag3d's Blog (click on the word "history" at the bottom of the
    Thank you...
  2. A-58

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    Maybe you could check over on WW2F for some answers. There are several regular posting members that live in the vicinity of West Palm Beach that could point you in the right direction. Good luck.
  3. Doc

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    It now forms a large part of Palm Beach International Airport-- searching for that may help you out. During the early part of its existence as a military field, it was called Palm Beach Air Base-- searches there may also help. But, be aware it was a civilian airfield before the military took it over (Morrison Field), so some construction appearing in photos may be pre-military.

    The Air Force Historical Research Agency (Air Force Historical Research Agency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) may be able to help with some old photos. Doc
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  5. brndirt1

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    Thought I would put this here, it is a link to abandoned and forgotten airbases constructed for and during WW2. State by state, this might help.

    So, here goes:

    Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields

    Kind of fun to look at, at least it was for myself.

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