Looking for unofficial War Diary 224 coy RASC by Cpl Bacon

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    Based on War Diary of 224 Company RASC, June 1944 - May 1945 | Imperial War Museums (iwm.org.uk) Cpl Bacon was tasked with keeping a War Diary (I'm assuming this was kept alongside the official WD) which was then to be circulated to all members of the unit, does anyone have a copy? I noticed it gets a mention over on the wartimesmemoryproject page and I messaged a member who said they had a copy but no reply so far. Cpl Bacon also seems to have written an article about the units disbandment which would also be good to see
    A moving story : Normandy, June 1944 - Germany, May 1945 [looseleaf diary of 224 Coy., Royal Army Service Corps] | Imperial War Museums (iwm.org.uk)
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