Major Richard (Dick) Hargreaves MC, 4 Para. RIP

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    "Last weekend we lost a great man and the last surviving officer who served in 4 PARA during the war. Major Richard Hargreaves was awarded the Military Cross for his leadership and bravery during an action at Laterza Bridge in Southern Italy."
    CO 4 PARA on Twitter

    Recommendation for Award for Hargreaves, Richard Strachin Rank: Captain ... | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 373/4/258
    Name Hargreaves, Richard Strachin
    Rank: Captain
    Service No: 109259
    Regiment: 4 Battalion Parachute Regiment
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of announcement in London Gazette: 27 January 1944
    Screenshot 2019-08-18 at 16.04.07.png
    Screenshot 2019-08-18 at 16.04.15.png
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    He was one of the company commanders of 4 Para which landed on Megara in October 1944 during Operation MANNA.

    RIP :poppy:

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