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    Does anyone know what happened to the Maoris who were camped in the field of pleasant place wychling. I think it was Wychling & not Doddington that I am interested in as Dad lived in Wychling , Doddington & Lynstead during the war. The Maoris were in all three locations.

    The house was commandeered by NZ officers and had a maori gard in the porch (well 2 actually. Locall kids told ghost stories about a headless horseman & Maoris refused to stand guard on their own after that)
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    BBC - WW2 People's War - A Wartime Childhood 1939-45: Part 2- No Comfort
    Suddenly, these houses were buzzing with life: soldiers from the Empire. Edgborough housed a contingent of Maoris from New Zealand,

    WW2 Archives - Page 2 of 2 - Nga Toa Charitable Trust
    “For most of our time in England, we were stationed at a small village in Kent called Hollingbourne where the local people adopted us. The Vernon family kept open house for our battalion officers, and we all coveted the attention of their daughter Avril, who was a charmer. We were centrally situated in Hollingbourne and transported in old London buses ready to be thrown into the fray at any point along the south coast should Jerry attempt an invasion. The Cockney drivers became very popular with our troops. We were sad to leave the good people of Hollingbourne and, when the time eventually came, we held a moving last service in the local church at which our commanding officer presented a New Zealand flag to the vicar. (It has now, with the ravages of time, been replaced twice.)”


    From Owens link
    early in October the men moved from their muddy tents to billets—C Company to Wichling, B Company to Doddington, D Company into the hospital, A Company to Eastling, and Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company to Stalisfield. They were all villages in 7 Brigade's area.
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    A photograph which doesn't help at all with the question, but I'll share it anyway...

    IMG_3516 (2).JPG

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