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    I am looking for any detailed maps of the defence works in the Calais- Boulogne area in 1944. Although they might not have been needed to the same level or detail or as many copies produced, the allies must have produced some mapping to support the attacks by the 3rd Canadian Division when it assaulted and captured these towns. The Germans may also have had some detailed maps of the defences of the strongest part of the Atlantic Wall too

    Any one know of any documents on line or willing to let me have a copy or?

    (I have posed this on a couple of other forums)
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    A text search for 'Calais' on this document refers to some 'defence overprint' maps. GSGS 4040 seems to be the base series for that neck of the woods. A search in the British Library catalogue might throw up the record copies but getting them out may be expensive or problematic.
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    There is one map covering part of Calais in WO 171/877 141 Regt RAC War Diary.

    WO 33/1831 Reports on German Coastal Defences in the Pas de Calais area has at least one map with the minefields marked in the Wissant area.

    Not sure if any of the other War Diaries have any maps in them covering this area.



    171  877 (123)  ed.jpg 171  877 (124)  ed.jpg 171  877 (125)  ed.jpg
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    There are detailed maps of the defences of both Boulogne and Calais in the book 'Historical Maps of World War II Europe' by Michael Swift and Michael Sharpe.

    The National Archives references are Boulogne MPI 453(2) and Calais MPI 453(4).


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