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    I am trying to help my ex wife in researching her grandfather's war time service. She has recently come into possession of his war medals after the death of her mother. His Defence Medal has a bronze Oak Leaf on the ribbon. After a little research i have found that it was for being mentioned in dispatches. He is also mentioned in the London Gazette of the 21st Oct 1941.
    According to some of the paper work she has, it says he was in the Royal Engineers (she also has his cap badge) and was Mentioned in Dispatches because of his UXB work during / after the May 10 - 11th air raids on London.
    How can we find out more information as to what exactly he did and why he was mentioned in dispatches?
    Thanks for each and every reply i may receive as any help you may pass on is far more information than we have now.
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    A good start is applying for his service records
    Get a copy of military records of service
    Follow the instructions in the above link

    Also put his name in this thread other members might be able to assist more
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    What is his name?
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    Not sure when the original poster will see that comment so these are the RE from the Gazette quoted.

    War Office,
    21st October, 1941.

    The KING has been graciously pleased to
    approve of the publication of the names of the
    undermentioned as having been Commended
    for brave conduct: —

    Corps of Royal Engineers.
    No. 1906951 Serjeant Thomas William Holmes
    (since deceased).
    No. 2002907 Corporal Wright Bowring.
    No. 1991252 Corporal Norman Clarence
    No. 2196698 Sapper Frederick Salter.
    No. 2196455 Sapper William John Bates.
    No. 2133275 Driver William Ericson.


    1906951 Sergeant
    Thomas William Holmes
    14 Bomb Disposal Company
    Royal Engineers
    Died on the 10th June 1941. Aged 23. Buried at Vicarage Lane, Watford Cemetery. Section E Uncons Row 4 Grave 319.
    Holmes 2.jpg
    Holmes 1.jpg
    Holmes 3.jpg
    No. 1991252 Corporal Norman Clarence Arming
    Anning 1.jpg
    No. 2133275 Driver William Ericson

    Couldnt find anything on the others.
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    Her grandfather was Sapper Frederick Salter. He survived the war and went on to have a long career with the post office. She is / was not aware of his war time activities before the death of her mother. At which point all her mothers papers etc can into her position where she found her grandfathers medals.
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