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    This is a series of photos on Monty.

    The first one is his mother, taken in 1936.

    The next are a couple of Monty messages one from the Western Desert and the other from the last days of the war.

    The next pair are from Sphere magazine when Monty visited 6 LAA Battery on the Juliana Pier at Benghazi on 29th November 1943 after hunting Rommel from Tobruk on 13th November 1943.

    Blair Mayne SAS visited later on to meet up again with some of his former 5 LAA Battery comrades.

    5 LAA Battery had been destroyed by Rommels advance on Tobruk on 20th June 1942. Five of the survivors were transferred to 6LAA Battery

    The last three photos show Monty on 20th October 1967 where 6 LAA Battery veterans attended the Battle of El Alamein reunion at the Guildhall in London.

    Monty gave a private audience to the Battery men and signed Willie McKees Holy Bible. Willy was the unofficial Padre for the Battery and had buried many a Battery man.

    The last photo shows Monty on the stage at the Guildhall.

    I believe he is accompanied on the stage by Horrocks. Can someone confirm this and his rank please?

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    Great memorabilia H2H.
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    From 1967 again.

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    I don't think the last shot on stage is Lieut General Sir Brian Horrocks.Can't recognise him but it does not look like Horrocks.

    Horrocks, in my opinion, was an enthralling lecturer in military history.He was involved in a TV series on British World War 2 campaigns and put them across in a professional manner.
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    Some great pieces on Monty there. Where did you obtain them from? If only I was few years older...
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