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Discussion in 'Modelling' started by JeremyScott, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. JeremyScott

    JeremyScott Junior Member

    Hey All

    Ive been wanting to get into the moddeling hobby for quite sometime, but the only store in my neighborhod carries only hotrods and modern day fighters. Im wanting to do more ww2 era vehicles and ships. What would be a good company for a beginner to start off with?

  2. Meyer

    Meyer Junior Member

    :closedeyes: Depends on the scale you will be modeling in (1:72, 1:48 or 1:35) :rolleyes:
    One of the better companies out there for WW2 is TAMIYA they have an excellent website:
    Enjoy images/smilies/default/biggrin.gif images/smilies/default/biggrin.gif
  3. Mick Mills

    Mick Mills Junior Member


    Have a browse at what's available here.


    I would also endorse Tamiya

  4. JeremyScott

    JeremyScott Junior Member

    Thank you all for being helpful. I remember as a kid I used to do quite a bit of snaptight, but I wanted a little bit more challenging.

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