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  1. Drew5233

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    Did the NWEF deploy any Cavalry units to Norway in 1940?

    I couldn't find any war diaries in the WO 168 series that would suggest this was the case.
  2. airborne medic

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    I can only suggest the small detachment from the 3rd Hussars....
  3. Wills

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  4. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    Cheers...They seem to be attached to the Guards. I wonder if Di has anything on them. There is no war diary for the regiment let alone a troop covering this period.
  5. Wills

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    One troop 3rd Kings Own Hussars:

    HyperWar: The Campaign in Norway [Appendix B]

    24th (Guards) Brigade (Brigadier the Hon. W. Fraser).
    1st Battalion Scots Guards.15
    1st Battalion Irish Guards.
    2nd Battalion The South Wales Borderers.
    One troop 3rd King's Own Hussars (tanks)
    203rd Battery, 51st Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.
    193rd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Artillery.
    55th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery.
    3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Artillery.
    229th and 230th Field Companies, Royal Engineers.
    Detachment 231st Field Park Company, Royal Engineers.

    N.W.E.F. RETURN - 1940 - British Pathé

    The use of light tanks in this despatch (army section):

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    There is a small bit of info about their preps to go but little on what they did..will be in the book!
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    Not got this one, then? ;)

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