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    I seem to recall that when I was researching the service record of a former RAF pilot I used the RAF records office at Innsworth, Gloucestershire. That WAS in 2005, however. I didn't realise records were now centralised at Cranwell.
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    As I'm new to this thread, can anyone advise routes of enquiry if a Pilot's service number is known, but as he is not listed as a casualty / fatality his service record is not available ? Presuming he survived the war, is it only family who can request details ?
    many thanks
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    Suggest you use the MOD forms here Request records of deceased service personnel

    Download and complete either:
    Next of kin form (v6.2) (ODT, 41.8KB) for use by immediate next of kin or those applying with the consent of the next of kin
    General enquirer's form (v6.1) (ODT, 37.9KB) for use by third party applicants, not the immediate next of kin

    Note - the above allows both Next of Kin (family) or a General enquirer to apply - just make sure you complete the relevant form

    Download and complete the relevant service form:
    Royal Navy/Royal Marines part 2 (ODT, 7.82KB)
    British Army part 2 (ODT, 9.2KB)
    Royal Air Force part 2 (ODT, 7.82KB)

    The RAF form includes the address to which you need to send the completed forms and a copy of his death certificate
    When this form has been completed it should be returned to the address below:
    RAF 3rd Party Disclosure Team, Trenchard Hall, RAF Cranwell, Sleaford, LINCS, NG34 8HB

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    Great, many thanks. I will follow your advice and see where it leads.
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