Operation Varsity Commemoration 24th March 2022

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    Just a reminder to all those wishing to attend, the commemorative service for the 77th anniversary of Operation Varsity takes place this Thursday. Hopefully it will be well attended after a three year break. The weather forecast is excellent, much like that morning in 1945.

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    Well done Jenny!

    Just in time for March 24th I recently completed two more short Operation Varsity related studies. The first titled "DZ 'A' Clips & Photos - Operation Varsity" is based on findings from a forum thread. The second follows two AFPU cameramen, "The Arrival of Sgts Christie & Oakes on LZ 'R' - Operation Varsity". Both are photo intensive and can be downloaded separately in PDF form from here:

    DZ 'A' Clips & Photos - Operation Varsity.pdf - Icedrive
    Christie & Oakes LZ 'R' - Operation Varsity.pdf - Icedrive

    Regards ...
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    Does anyone know if the anniversary is being marked in Hamminkeln this year?

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    Too many threads, so dropped on this 2022 thread.
    From: https://www.instre.org/rehs/

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