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    In my collection I have lots of individual photos as well as other random ones that have been part of groups - I've picked out quite a few that are interesting (in my opinion) for various reasons so I'll bung up a few posts in the hope that others spot some other interesting features. Feel free to add observations and questions - some I will be able to dig out more info on or put a bit of context too. I have posted most of these on Facebook before and a few on here in various threads

    1 IMG_0024.jpg 2 IMG_20201002_0006.jpg 3 Scan11371.JPG 4 IMG_0023.jpg 5 Scan11616.JPG 6 IMG_20180513_0021.jpg 7 3.jpg 8 Scan11831.JPG 9 5th hampshires D company 17 platoon HQ section.jpg 10 IMG_0001.jpg 11 IMG_20180223_0005.jpg 12 5th hampshires D company.jpg 13 IMG_20190406_0002.jpg 14 1b.jpg
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  2. AB64

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    15 IMG_0009.jpg 16 602.jpg 17 Scan10358.JPG 18 Scan10477.JPG 19 Scan11822.JPG 20 Scan11830.JPG 21 Scan10996.JPG 22 37.jpg 23 Scan11612.JPG 24 Scan10290.JPG 25 addison 85 mountain regiment 337 battery.jpg 26 IMG_20180726_0001.jpg 27 Scan10015.JPG 28 Scan10682.JPG 29 Scan10033 (2).JPG 30 Scan10360.JPG 31 Scan10241.JPG 32 Scan10579.JPG 33 Scan10427.JPG 34 Scan10673.JPG 35 IMG_20171008_0003.jpg
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  3. davidbfpo

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    Two questions for the first set of photos. the third photo shows three men beside a Vickers K machine gun atop some ammunition cases. Being dismounted intrigues me, even if the bipod is clearly visible folded underneath.

    The tenth photo shows some (Vickers) light tanks, with five possibly Indian soldiers amidst a larger number of white soldiers. Where was this taken and who are they?
  4. AB64

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    36 1 (4).jpg 37 IMG_20190119_0002.jpg 38 IMG_20180726_0022.jpg 39 IMG_0006.jpg 40 7.jpg 41 Scan11745.JPG 42 Scan11402.JPG 43 Scan11836.JPG 44 Scan12304.JPG 45 addison 85 mountain regiment 4.jpg 46 IMG_20201002_0002.jpg 47 IMG_20200307_0008.jpg 48 32.jpg 49 IMG_20170716_0004.jpg 50 9.jpg 51 Scan11832.JPG 52 2 (3).jpg 53 IMG_20181118_0007.jpg 54 Scan10632.JPG 55 IMG_20190505_0022.jpg 56 Scan12306.JPG
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  5. AB64

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    Hi, The 3rd photos doesn't show a K gun, its a standard Bren but with the hi-speed magazine fitted, often used mounted on top of vehicles for AA defence - on the K gun the mag is flat sided but on the hi-speed it bulges out. The tenth photo relates to a Trooper Graves who was with 9th Light Tank Company RTR at Lahore pre-War so I think this relates to that time and area - later he served with 8th RTR with whom he was killed.
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  6. davidbfpo

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    Photo 47 shows a British military funeral, with armed German soldiers at attention in the background. Where was this and who was involved. I know such funerals happened, possibly less so as the war went on.
  7. AB64

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    57 34.jpg 58 5.jpg 59 3 (2).jpg 60 IMG_20180728_0002.jpg 61 IMG_0013.jpg 62 2.jpg 63 IMG_20201002_0007.jpg 64 86.jpg 65 Scan10363.JPG 66 681.jpg 67 4.jpg 68 506.jpg 69 504.jpg 70 IMG_20180722_0004.jpg 71 Scan11556.JPG 72 51.jpg 73 IMG_20200805_0025.jpg 74 Scan11560.JPG 75 3 (3).jpg 76 IMG_20180610_0003.jpg 77 IMG_20171226_0013.jpg
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    78 IMG_20190702_0003.jpg 79 1 (2).jpg 80 IMG_0004.jpg 81 IMG_20171112_0013.jpg 82 Scan10447.JPG 83 1.jpg 84 IMG_20180726_0012.jpg 85 673.jpg 86 IMG_20170611_0003.jpg 87 IMG_20190324_0009.jpg 88 IMG_20200904_0015.jpg 89 35.jpg 90 Scan10030.JPG 91 Scan11557.JPG 92 IMG_20171225_0010.jpg 93 660.jpg 94 36.jpg 95 airborne gunners.jpg 96 IMG_20201002_0005.jpg 97 Scan10123.JPG 98 4 (4).jpg
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  9. AB64

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    99 102.jpg 100 Scan10073.JPG 101 IMG_20180726_0014.jpg 102 47.jpg 103 Scan12227.JPG 104 Scan10044.JPG 105 Scan10152.JPG 106 601.jpg 107 IMG_20200307_0028.jpg 108 Scan11799.JPG 109 104 (2).jpg 110 33.jpg 111 Scan11861.JPG 112 4 (6).jpg 113 19 (2).jpg 114 201.jpg 115 Scan10002.JPG 116 Scan11868.JPG 117 signaller and son.jpg 118 Scan10003 (2).JPG 119 600.jpg
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  10. AB64

    AB64 Senior Member

    120 Scan12027.JPG 121 4 (2).jpg 122 Scan10124.JPG 123 pearson6.jpg 124 19 (3).jpg 125 Scan10433.JPG 126 large gunner.jpg 127 Scan10022.JPG 128 Scan10093.JPG 129 535.jpg 130 202.jpg 131 Scan11751.JPG 132 205.jpg 133 Scan10039.JPG 134 Scan10035 (2).JPG 135 3 (5).jpg 136 605.jpg 137 606.jpg 138 101.jpg 139 Scan12311.JPG 140 cameronians.jpg
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  11. AB64

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    141 3 (4).jpg 142 104.jpg 143 1 (3).jpg 144 19.jpg 145 90.jpg 146 4 (3).jpg 147 Scan11559.JPG 148 Scan11746.JPG 149 Scan11950.JPG 150 4 (5).jpg 151 Scan10023.JPG 152 Scan11558.JPG 153 Scan10002 (2).JPG 154 Scan10326.JPG 155 Scan11024.JPG 156 Scan10008.JPG 157 Scan10489.JPG 158 Scan10487.JPG 159 Scan11897.JPG 160 Scan10828.JPG 161 Scan10134.JPG 162 Scan10129.JPG
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  12. AB64

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    I think that's me, I have loads more and different things appeal to different people but hopefully this is an interesting selection
  13. ceolredmonger

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    Thank you. Certainly something for everyone!
    How are we for sharing these for discussion elsewhere? If OK, what copyright/ownership credit do you want?
  14. AB64

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    You beat me to it, I was just about to add a little note - I'm always happy for things I post to be shared to help spread the knowledge and interest in WW2, if you are sharing outside the forum please credit me and the forum, if sharing elsewhere turns up any useful info please feel free to add on here. If anyone is looking to use for commercial/publishing type things please drop me a message for a chat (more just as a courtesy thing) . Thanks
  15. AB64

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    47 was with a Paybook to 3319039 George Henry MacKay who was a Gordon captured 12/6/40 at St Valery - I can see a Seaforth on the photo, it also came with the photo below, its hard to see but in the gent nearest their is the Saltire flash of one of the 51st Div units. I'm not sure of the where and when though

  16. Waddell

    Waddell Well-Known Member

    The officer in image 43 looks to be from the Scottish Horse.

  17. Reid

    Reid Historian & Architectural Photographer

    Thanks AB.
    I always enjoy seeing this in the hope I see my grandfather. One day I'll jump for joy - but not today.
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  18. dml34

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    A great collection of photos.........many thanks for sharing them with us!

    I am interested in the ones showing vehicle markings. Do you happen to know the units of the persons in photos 78 and 125?

    Photo 159 shows a staff car with part of a vehicle marking and a sign on the door (RASC?). Do you have any more photos from the same source showing more detail and do you know this unit?


  19. smdarby

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    I like the picture of the fat bloke (126), but he looks like a reenactor to me.
  20. AB64

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    78, was from a gent in 67th Garrison Regiment then 608th regiment RA - not sure if this ties in with one of these units

    125 was from a member of 661 Artisan Works Coy RE - below are 2 more vehicle pics from his collection (I can't guarantee the markings relate to 661)
    Scan10494.JPG Scan10493.JPG

    159 was from the MO of 102nd Northumberland Hussars anti-tank regiment RA - below are 2 more photos that may be of use
    Scan11920.JPG Scan11906.JPG

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