Polish Pilots of WW2

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    Hi all,
    I am the son of Witold 'Lanny' Lanowski
    For those interested in the Polish pilots that played their part during WW2, my father was a fighter pilot that escaped from Poland in 1939 by walking south to Yugoslavia from Deblin cadte school where he was an instructor. finally getting to Englan and being stationed with 317 FS and then deputy Squadron leader of 302.
    In April of 1944 he was transferred with several other Polish pilots including Boleswav `Mike' Gladych to the famous `Zemke's wolfpack' 61st FS 56th FG stationed at Boxted Essex flying P47 thunderbolts. His nose art is extremely famous with aero modellers including the RC fraternity who have modelled flying versions of his mark 'M' jug.
    attached are a couple of pictures for you
    I am happy to answer any questions regarding my father and his time with the 56th FG

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