Polish 'Tanker' Photographs.

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    On that interesting Polish site that cropped up in 'name that vehicle'
    There's a link to pictures of the site owner's Grandfather's service that Bod just pointed out to me: Władysław Gerula

    Remarkable shots of assorted Armour; from Polish vehicles, through Valentines, Churchills, Shermans and several points in between (Including an AA Crusader). Also quite a few shots of 'regimental' activities & the carnage around Falaise... and this rather alarming Firefly:
    Sadly my Google translator doesn't extend to Polish yet, but it's well worth a look.

  2. Bodston

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    That picture where he is looking at the Churchills. There are rows of Valentines in the background. I can't find any mention of Polish units equipped with Churchills. Probably a large-scale joint exercise. I do like the France 1940 picture [​IMG]
    I don't think that I've seen a Renault UE and a Bren carrier in the same column before. There can't have been many Poles in the BEF surely?
    Edit: Just checked in "The Black Devil's March" by Evan McGilvray and a Polish 10th Armoured Brigade (really only a partial, Mechanized Cavalry Brigade) was already operating in exile in France in 1940, with the French army and not the BEF.
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    He must have had plenty of chances in such an active soldiering career, 1931's a hell of a time to join the Polish army, and then serve for the next 15 years.
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    Must dig out that photo of the Polish Panzer IV tank ......
    there you go....Warsaw brigade,II Korp,Italy.
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  7. Owen

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    (reversed negative?).

    No cos medal ribbon in right place above left pocket & buttons do up the correct way.
    Also drivers position on Crusader is correct.
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    Links have changed.
    First site now resides here:

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