Queen's Bays - Squadron Commanders, June 1942

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    i need confirm for the following Bays' Squadron Commanders:
    - Sqd. A: Major KNEBWORTH
    - Sqd. B: Major WELD
    - Sqd. C: unknown (help for rank and name is apreciated).

    On 8th June a 8th Hussars Sqd. was attached to the Bays, Commander Unknown (help for rank and name is apreciated).
    On 9th June a 4th Hussars Sqd. was attached to the Bays, Commander Major KNIGHT (unknown number of Grants).

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    I am checking the diaries for June 42 at the moment. The regimental history on page 71 notes for 6th Jun 1942:

    While it was still dark a squadron of 8th Hussars under Major Harbord came under command, and the remaining Crusaders of "A" and "B" Squadrons were merged in a composite squadron under Major Weld, Knebworth being sent back to try and organise another squadron with reserve men and repaired tanks.

    Also from the Regimental History, p 66:

    As night fell the Regiment formed close leaguer at the bottom of the bowl which had formed their positions during the day. Later, Major Weld rejoined from duty in Egypt and resumed command of "B" Squadron.

    The Regimental History on page 61 shows the following for the start of the Battle of Gazala:
    The squadron-leaders and squadron seconds-in command were: "A," Major Viscount Knebworth and Captain Harman; "B" Major Weld and Captain Baker; "C," Major Streeter and Captain Crosbie-Dawson.

    After reading through the section there was no change in command of "C" Squadron shown.

    Regarding the 9th Hussars on 9th June, the Regimental History shows it to be a "complete squadron of Grants."

    I shall double check all of the above with the diaries.

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