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  1. Lorenzo Paciaroni

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    Hi, my name is Lorenzo Paciaroni, I am writing from Italy.
    I am an amateur historian and I am studying the events of the Second World War that took place in my small town, San Severino Marche, in the heart of the central Apennines, Marche region (Italy).
    I am looking for information on a specific event, I hope to find someone in this forum who can help me.

    In the night between 24th and 25th March 1944, San Severino Marche suffered a bombardment by RAF planes: there were no victims but only material damage. Are there any english websites where is possible to know precisely, for each bombing carried out by the RAF, the date, the cities hit, the aircraft used, the crew, the take-off airport, the end report mission? I did some research but I couldn't find anything. From Italy it is no so simple to reach english results on the web.

    Is there anyone who could indicate any links where to find this information? I am interested in finding some information on this bombing.

    Thanks to those who will be able to help me.
  2. davidbfpo

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    Welcome Lorenzo, your name appears on another thread. Nothing here on the bombing though when searching with the town's name. There are RAF experts who frequent here, so hopefully they can help. Google has references to the town being bombed, but on a quick look nothing appears to help.
  3. Lorenzo Paciaroni

    Lorenzo Paciaroni New Member

    Thank you, I hope some expert can help me!
  4. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Hi Lorenzo,

    I looked in Christopher Shores book that covers that period ("A History of the Mediterranean Air War 1940-1945 - Volume 4) and that book doesn't record any RAF or USAAF losses for night 24/25 March 1944 so I'm afraid that short cut won't work. Are you absolutely sure the aircraft were British and not US?


  5. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Hi Lorenzo,

    I may have better news from the British Official History (Volume 5). On page 815 it records:

    "On 24th March the east coast received special attention. 106 Liberators dropped 219 tons of bombs on Rimini, and the signal and telegraph system between Pesaro and Fano was destroyed. Senigallia station was wrecked and a bridge between that place and Falconara was partly destroyed..."

    Depending on how scattered that bombing was, could some of the bombs have dropped in your area?

    I'm guessing that those were US Liberators in which case they would be from 15th Air Force, 47th Heavy Bombardment Wing. I hope that might help.


  6. Temujin

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    Lorenzo.......here’s the organization of the MAAF during that time......This is down to Wing level.....each Wing had two or three squadrons........still checking

    I have been checking the 205 Bomb Group RAF squadrons and not finding anything yet.......I’ve checked the Operational Record Books of 37, 40, 70 , 104, 142 and 150 Squadrons.....and none of their records indicate any missions in this area

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  7. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member


    For American operations on Friday 24 March 1944, I found this (search for USAAF Chronology):


    STRATEGIC OPERATIONS (Fifteenth Air Force): In Italy, 100+ B-24s bomb
    Rimini marshalling yard while 32 others attack Ancona, Senigallia and rail
    and road bridges over the Vomano River S of Giulianova; 200+ other B-17s and
    B-24s turn back before reaching the target and before rendezvous with the
    fighter escorts; and 3 B-17s and 1 B-24 hit targets of opportunity in Italy
    and Yugoslavia; 6 B-24s are lost; the bombers claim 10 enemy fighters

    TACTICAL OPERATIONS (Twelfth Air Force): In Italy, B-25s pound supply and
    bivouac areas in Piedimonte and Castrocielo and harbor installations at
    Leghorn; B-25s hit bridge and railroad tracks NW of Orvieto, and A-20s bomb
    guns in the Cassino area; P-40s and A-36s in Cassino area hit guns, troop
    concentrations, road, and causeway; and P-47s on armed reconnaissance in the
    Rome-Orvieto-Orte areas hit a train and a bridge.
    Moves in Italy: 11th Troop Carrier Squadron, 60th Troop Carrier Group, from
    Gerbini, Sicily to Brindisi with C-47s; 487th and 489th Bombardment Squadrons
    (Medium), 340th Bombardment Group (Medium), from Pompeii to Gaudo Airfield
    with B-25s.


  8. vitellino

    vitellino Senior Member

    Hello Lorenzo and welcome,

    Just a thought. How many bombs were dropped, do you know? It was usual for planes returning to base to off-load bombs not used during their mission.

    On the other hand, could San Severino Marche have been a 'target of opportunity'?

  9. alieneyes

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    I have the No. 205 Group ORB in all it's heavy entirety. SAAF were also flying Liberators No. 31 and No. 34 Squadrons as well as No. 178 Squadron out of Foggia. I'll have a look at it later as the appendices have a great bit of detail.

    Having said that on 24/25 March 1944, No. 205 Group was detailed to attack the Sofia marshaling yards. Somebody messed up on the fuel consumption and 3x Wellingtons from No. 40 Squadron and one Wellington from No. 142 Squadron all ran out of fuel on the return trip and crashed. All crew survived but one Wellington (LN898 "R" from No. 40 Sqn) crew were all taken prisoner.


  10. Lorenzo Paciaroni

    Lorenzo Paciaroni New Member

    Thanks everyone for the information. The bombings on the Adriatic part of Italy were carried out by RAF planes, taking off from Puglia or Molise regions, but I have no other information on the specific bombing of San Severino Marche. But I know that there were no military targets to hit, in the town, in fact they bombed even in the open countryside. It may have been a mistake, why not?
    Thanks again everyone for your attention.


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