RAF Military Mission in Russia

Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by gmyles, Jul 24, 2020.

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    You might be referring to 30 Military Mission set up between Churchill and Stalin? I too would like more information on this topic. Purportedly, my grandfather, Thomas William Murray, signals specialist and new to the Intelligence Corps was assigned to this mission.

    Thanks in advance

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    Found a couple of references in Admiralty War Dairies…..could be more?


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    And this one, early in War of Air Operations out of Lake Gryasayna and Lake Lakhta, message mentions Archangel but I “think” these operations are over the Black Sea area.


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    Yes, they were in several locations including Moscow. Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa was underway at the time. I am keen on finding the names of those from Intelligence Corps who were assigned to the Mission in July 1941
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    Oh I see…….thought you were just looking for general information of the type of missions.
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    I find all information about these times informative
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    Thanks for this.

    Just wish I could remember why I was interested.


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