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    This is the second part of my research on British units in my village Baelen, from October 1944 to March 1945. See : RASC 648 Coy AT help info This time it's a picture, with two soldiers an unknown boy and my grandfather. My cousin Jos ( 8 years in 1944 ), immediately recognized the two soldiers, namely Tommy and Frank. They stayed by my aunt and uncle, who lived right across the street from the station. They slept inside the house next the stove.They were there in the period of my research. After their departure here, an exchange of letters arose, both sent their wedding photo even nylon stockings, but unfortunately the family names and addresses were lost. Frank married 25/4/1945, Tommy 10/6/1948. They operated a Coles Mk VI crane to unload goods at the station. Frank wears the insigna of the XXX Corps, and the captain probably a badge of the RAOC.
    On possibility is that Frank and Tommy belonged to the RASC 1830 Crane Platoon or the 1831 Platoon.
    In the " Administrative history of 21 Army Group " on page 78
    " Two RASC Crane platoons, formed during September, were despatched to the advance depots as they were not required for work on the beaches ....... the beaches were closed in October "

    war diaries 1830 Pl. WO 171/2637 ( 1944 ) WO 171/6473 ( 1945 )
    1831 Pl. WO 171/2638 ( 1944 ) WO 171/6474 ( 1945 )

    I would appreciate it very much if anyone has more info, about the war diaries or about Frank or Tommy.

    A small story of my cousin during the war. The British soldiers were found of tomatoes and eggs, when Jos went to get a few from his grandfather ( he was a farmer, and WW1 veteran ) and then went to the soldiers , a barter immediately arose. One time he even got a small wooden table. But when he returned to his grandfather , he said : " Godverdomme Jos, was da hier, breng da direct terug "
    " Jesus Christ Jos, what's this, bring it back immediately "

    Regards, vriendelijke groeten


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    War Establishment with some additional details again available in the Trux section in this forum:
    Motor transport units rasc
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    Thanks info

    Regards, vriendelijke groeten Hendrik
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    The relevant (5-digit) unit index (with amendments until 1947) only shows these two platoons (1830 and 1831). As there are some more DUKW companies, these platoons seem to have been attached only occasionally.

    Another peculiarity: The relevant war establishment is XIV/1830/1. The numbers of war establishments normally have nothing to do with the unit numbers. So the "inventor" of the unit numbers seems - without much pondering - to have started simply with the war establishment number.

    Another two contributions on the topic from member Mike "Trux" in this thread:
    Help with deciphering unit details
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    Tanks info
    Regards, vriendelijke groeten Hendrik
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    According to HQ Line of Communication location statement dated 26 Apr 45

    1830 Crane Platoon RASC was located in Antwerp-Berchem (7 Base Sub Area)
    1831 Crane Platoon RASC was located in Ghent-Wondelgum (16 Line of Communication Sub Area)

    Both platoons moving to 1st Corps District 4 Aug 45 and disbanded 31 Aug 45 (no locations given)

    According to 1 Corps District location statements both recorded as Crane Transport Platoons to 1 Reorganisation and Disbandment Centre (CRASC 57 Transport Column) from 26 Sep 45 to 11 Oct 45 located in Engr north-west of Herford

    Hope this helps

    21st Army Group later British Army of the Rhine (under construction)
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    Formally, war establishment XIV/1830/1, after 2 amendments (20.12.1944 and 02.05.1945, content unknown), had been deleted by A.C.I. of 29.01.1947 with effect from 18.12.1946.
    That doesn't contradict of course, as a lot of war establishments had been "forgotten" to delete in time (of disbandment of the last unit), and sometimes came with peculiar effective dates.
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    Thanks for the info,

    Regards, met vriendelijke groeten Hendrik

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