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  1. SJH

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    I am struggling to understand a few abbreviations in the attached Service Record extract -


    1] Date 15.10.40 & 21.10.40 - Admitted and discharged from M.I. Room. Is this connected to a hospital?

    2] Date 18.7.41 - could someone explain this entry to me please?

    Many thanks.

  2. timuk

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    My view:
    MI Room = Medical Inspection Room. ie the Base Sickbay as opposed to hospital.
    18/7/41 S.ORSTU (?) wef (with effect from) 8/6/41 on proceeding to NCO school RASC Oxshott for Anti Gas and PAD (Passive Air Defence) Course.

  3. Tony56

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    The partial form you posted has two references to SORSTU in both cases he went elsewhere, I wonder if SO is 'Struck Off'. There is also a TORSTU when he was discharged from somewhere (? hospital) I wonder if this is 'Taken On'.

    In other records this is normally SOS for Struck off Strength and TOS for Taken On Strength.

    Have seen ORTU as Other Ranks Training Unit.

    I notice that you are creating different posts with different sections on his service records, may be better to keep things together as records are often better interpreted when complete.

    RASC Service Records - 1

    On you other post I have seen AQ as Assistant-Adjutant and Quarter-Master-General, was he his driver?
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  4. timuk

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    Highly unlikely the AQ Driver IC is in the section for Trade Tests and he passed for Class III and Class 11.

  5. klambie

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    I've seen SORS/TORS in Canadian records and understand it to be Struck Off/Taken On Ration Strength. Typical example would be unit temporarily responsible for rations until the main body of the unit the man was actually on the strength of was up and running.
  6. SJH

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    My thanks to Tim (again!), Tony and Kevin - I will keep the S/TORSTU suggestions in mind.

    Before we make the journey to Kew to access the War Diaries I'm trying to make sure that I've noted all the Diaries shown on the NA website but I'm still left with many missing years for some of the Companies which my man served with - particularly those covering 'Home' postings. Does this mean that there simply aren't any Diaries available?

    Can anyone recommend any books which we would find useful to help us fill in all the gaps?


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