Remembering Today 20/1/42 Leading Signalman:T.J. Kilty,D/JX138661,Royal Navy H.M. Submarine Triumph

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Leading Signalman
    Service No:
    D/JX 138661
    Date of Death:
    Royal Navy
    H.M. Submarine Triumph
    Panel Reference:
    Panel 67, Column 3.
    Additional Information:
    Son of Patrick and Annie Kilty, of Gilfach, Bargoed, Glamorgan.Casualty Details
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    Details of the above loss....

    HM Submarine Triumph (Lieutenant J. S. Huddart) left Alexandria on 26th December 1941 for patrol in the Aegean, with instructions to land a small party near Piraeus, returning later to re-embark them together with any escapees who might have been collected. While waiting, she was given freedom of action in the area between latitudes 36° and 39° N. between the meridians of 23° and 25° 30' E. Triumph reported, on 30th December, that the party had been safely landed, but she failed to make the rendezvous on 9th January 1942 and nothing further was heard of her. There is no record in available Axis documents to account for her loss, but it is possible that she fell foul of a recently laid minefield off Milo.

    Source - Naval Staff History WW2 - Submarines
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    There is no separate thread I can easily identify for HMS Triumph, so this is added here, even though it relates to a voyage in the North Sea in 1940. The opening passage:
    Link: How the British navy hid the heroic voyage of crippled second world war submarine HMS Triumph

    The article is concerned IMHO with wartime information control.
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