Royal Artillery 61st Highland Anti-Tank Regiment: copy war diaries wanted

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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the war diaries 42/43 or any diaries from 39-43 of the 61st highland anti tank regiment. It's a long and expensive way to the archives in Kew hotels in London are very expensive also. I got in contact with them but they wanted over £200 to copy 2 files☹️ then postage o

    n top. If anyone has copies they are willing to send me it would be much appreciated. A kind gentleman on here sent me 44/45 which was fantastic. Anyway any info you can send would be great. It is important to me to help with my grandfathers history Sgt William Pattinson battery 241 61st highland Anti Tank Regiment.
    Ed Pattinson
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    Im not sure whether anyone here is providing copying services but if they are it is bouns to be cheaper than that!
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    There is a Wiki page that might fill in a few gaps for you.
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    Edward , I am trying to find out where/how a distance relative Sergeant Robert Lee 781140 of 61 Anti Tank Regt.was killed on 20 June 1944. Do you think you could share June 1944 war diary with me please? Two men died this day and so I'm expecting a gun was hit.
  6. Doy you know which battery? 241,242,243,193? I will have a look. I don't have the diaries here I'm at work just now offshore but I have them at home.
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    Oxlade, I have the war diary - at least the daily pages. I will start a conversation with you. (Look for a red notification in the upper right.)
  8. There is a mention Chris of 2 men KIA on the 20th of June with battery 241 my grandfathers battery unfortunately there are no names. I think this might be operation good wood at Caen or Granville.

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    Hi Edward,

    I saw that. The previous page has a map reference number which would give the location of the battery. Goodwood was in July though.
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    That's excellent info. Thanks
    The two were Lance Sergeant James Duncan Stewart Service Number: 1458703. and my relative Robert Lee Sergeant, 781140 who is on right of the photo
    Photo with a mate attached probably North Africa or Italy who is Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 11.38.22 am.png
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    Hi Member Chris C has offered to send me war diary thanks for your response. It looks like it was 241 based on your post Thanks again
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