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  1. I am interested in modelling Royal Navy vehicles in and around WW2 some are a dark blue, including at leaset one pictured on a DDay beach.
    So what colour and make of paint do people us for this? I use a paint brush and don't have a spray brush, when I spray I use Halfords spray cans and currently use Ford Blazer Blue.
  2. I found these 3 colours quoted and would like to know a acrylic paint colour for each.
    BSC. No.33 R.A.F. Blue-grey ?
    gloss BS. No.7 Dark Blue ?
    battle ship grey - I think I have this covered as UA633 Admiralty Light Grey 507C from LifeColour

    Any help with the other 2 much appreiciated.
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    Hello Richard,

    I do a lot of modelling and Mike Starmer is regarded as the expert on British vehicle colours. I have a link to his excellent article where he does mention RAF and Navy colours :

    Also an excellent source for "rare" colours and quite accurate are Sovereign Hobbies who now provide the Colourcoats range of paints:

    Colourcoats Sea

    If you are modelling larger scales, I do 1/6th then some companies can produce rattle cans from a colour swatch.

    Kind regards,

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  4. Thank you Will some usefull info onthe mafva site, leads me to Vallejo Model Color Field Blue 17ml (70.964) VAL964 for the RAF Blue Grey.
    The Colourcoats Sea range is enamel which I donot use as I get migrains and no longer set up to use them.

    I model in 1/144-1/152 I have got rattle cans before, for some colours as basecoats.

    Any other ideas welcome.

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