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  1. Donnie

    Donnie Remembering HHWH

    Hi guys,

    I need help with finding pictures of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry in WW2. I need pictures of them weaing Battledress uniform showing their TRF patches etc. I understand that it was the same as the modern broken spur?

    The reason i need all this is i am putting together a WW2 uniform to the RWY for a freind.

    Thanks, Donnie.
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    Whereas the broken spur and shape of the TRF are taken from the 74th (Yeomanry) Division the colours on the left and right are not. The two colours used scarlet and buff are in fact the facing colours (ie the colours of the collars and cuffs on full dress uniform.
    Scarlet for the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, Royal Devon Yeomanry and Queens Own Dorset Yeomanry and Buff for the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars.

    SOURCE : History of the Tactical Recognition Flash (TRF) - British Army Website
  3. Donnie

    Donnie Remembering HHWH

    Hi mate,

    Thanks for the info but i am still confused as to whether this patch would have been used on WW2 BD uniforms?

  4. Owen

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    Back in 1980s there was an excellent liitle museum in Old Town about them.
    I remember seeing several uniformed dummies there.
    I think it's now in the TA Centre.
    Worth dropping them a line.
    Army Museums Ogilby Trust

    Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry Collection
    A (RWY) Sqn Royal Yeomanry,
    Yeomanry House, Church Place,
    SN1 5EH

    Tel: 01793 523865

    arwysqn ( at )

    Captain A McGinn
    Admission charges:
    Adult: Free
    Seniors: Free

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