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    The post by Alistair (AB64) in this topic -

    Sgt Major humour

    prompted me to look up RSM Archer in the FMP Scots Guards records. His given name was Leonard Castella Archer but he was known as Freddie Archer. He was born in 1898 and served 1915/1937 (KRRC 1915/1917) and was recalled in September 1939, having enlisted in the newly created Class E Army Reserve in 1938 (similar to Class D Army Reserve but for Warrant Officers only) , and appointed RSM Scots Guards Training Battalion. He was appointed Lt (QM) of the same unit in 1942 and went to Italy in 1944 to perform the same role at No 1 IRTD.

    The attached documents may be of interest - especially the 1943 letter from Gdsn Withers as that paints a more “human” picture of the man than the usual “strict martinet type of RSM”. It demonstrates the wartime operational benefits of the peacetime discipline instilled in Brigade of Guards recruits of that era.

    Gdsn Royston Frank Withers features in the Casualty lists on FMP as wounded in Italy Jan 1944 (probably at Anzio with 1st SG) and latterly died of wounds in Italy 24th June 1944, aged 20 years - still shown as 1st SG. He is buried in Bolsena Military Cemetery. :poppy:


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    RSM Archers inter-War AB64 and a few related bits were on eBay a few months ago (unfortunately I missed out) which was why I had searched and found the article - I also noticed the letter which was quite some read especially on seeing he was later killed as you say its paints a more human picture - someone the men feared but understood (maybe not immediately) what he was trying to instil in them, I visited Bolsena a few years ago so will have seen Withers grave.

    Just to add - RSM Archer must have felt a real attachment to this letter to have hung on to it
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