Samuel Sorie Sesay, a West African soldier

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    This story was published on the BBC website in reference to a West African veteran who died aged 101 in January 2022:


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    I wish I had seen this piece earlier. I assume he was in the 1st Battalion Sierra Leone Regiment RWAFF; the article could have said. He seemed one of those dignified elderly chaps so often found in that part of the World. I trust Samuel was not connected to Issa Sesay; it is a not uncommon surname. What an extraordinary ‘innings’ too, remembering the average life expectancy in Sierra Leone in 2005 was only 45 years-ish. It is a better now, but still to be improved. I wonder if there will be a BBC follow-up piece on his funeral?

    They were forgotten, but then they were not alone. The 14th Army as a whole considered themselves so and with reason.

    Afternote: “Hitler ayy bongolio” may well be Bangla, to the effect that ‘Hitler goes to Bengal too.’
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