Searching more information about 2701048 Guardsman Albert Stewart GUY, Scots Guards: 15/07/1944

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    Hi everyone I’m searching more information about Scots Guards (ALBERT STEWART GUY), he died in Arezzo on the 15th July 1944 in Arezzo. He is buried in the Arezzo War Cemetery (IV. B. 24). Also he is cited in the book (NOT JUST A NAME ALRESFORD, HAMPSHIRE AND DISTRICT 20th CENTURY DEATHS IN THE ARMED SERVICES) by GLENN GILBERTSON (page 279). I will like to find more information mabye like a photograph or some more information about him.
    Thank you.
    Service Number: 2701048
    Regiment & Unit: Scots Guards

    Date of Death: 15 July 1944
    Age 22 years old
    Buried or commemorated at AREZZO WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: IV. B. 24.
    Location: Italy
    Additional Info: Son of Albert Edward and Jessie Andrina Guy, of Ropley, Hampshire.
    Personal Inscription: "BELOVED"
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    Welcome aboard. Guy does feature here before, on lists of Guardsmen and if you use his service number in the search box (top right) there is one thread about cemeteries, where he and many other Guardsmen appear. I doubt he died alone. See: Guards - Italy Cemeteries list

    Others here focus on the Guards Regiments, hopefully they will add more.
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    S Company Scots Guards was attached to 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards

    He is listed on Pg 512, Appendix A, The Scots Guards 1919-1955 ; David Erskine
    2701048 Gdsm. Guy, A.S. , S Company, Italy, 15.7.44

    CWGC Concentration form confirms this ("Att 2 Coldsm Gds"). It also gives original burial location.
    Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 09.44.19.png

    I'll check the above History and post any relevant pages later.

    See also, War diary 2CG, 1944:
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    Pgs 259-262, The Scots Guards 1919-1955 ; David Erskine
    S Company SG attached 2CG, June - August 1944
    SG pg 259.jpeg

    SG pg 260.jpeg

    SG pg 261.jpeg

    SG pg 262.jpeg
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    Pgs 230-232, The Coldstream Guards 1920-1946 ; Howard & Sparrow
    2CG, June - August 1944
    CG PG 230.jpeg

    CG PG 231.jpeg

    CG PG 232.jpeg
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    Thank you very much for all the great information
  7. Leonardo

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    Hello Leonardo,

    Here's the map of the area described above.

    You will note that Guardsman Guy died on the slopes of Monte Lignano.



    Arezzo-Sheet 114-1943.jpg
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    Thank you Vitellino
    I know that because I’m from Arezzo and I went many times on Monte Lignano and to Stoppiacce that on the 15 of July 1944 was one of the main objectives and also point 575. But still very interesting. Thank you
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    What is your particular interest in Guardsman Guy, Leonardo?
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    From the book , A Pilgrimage of Remembrance by Michael Curtis.
    Extract to give a bit of flavour & photo of war memorial with Gdsm Guy's name on it.

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  12. Leonardo

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    So I often visit the places between Stoppiace and point 501 so it was interesting finding a name and a story of one of the men that died in that place.
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    Thank you very much I was trying to buy that book for a long time, you helped me a lot.
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    Hi everyone I thank you all for the response. I’m continuing my research on Albert Stewart Guy. To complete my research I’ll need a photograph. I didn’t find him in any archive, maybe someone has his squad picture. Thank you.

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