September 8th 1943, Barcellona, Sicily.

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    From 5th Camerons war diary, Official announcement of Italian surrender
    "The Semi-Finals of the Brigade Football competition had now been reached with three Cameron and one Seaforth team left to contest the closing stages.
    The signing of an unconditional surrender by Italy was officially announced. The news spread rapidly throughout the camp amidst scenes of great enthusiasm and cheering. A Battle of 'Verey Lights' was conducted between the Officers and Sergeants messes, but after several direct hits by both parties an armistice was mutually arranged.
    Lt. Col. G Andrews and Major Murray of the 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders were guests of the mess and a lively evening ensued. The C.O. visited the Welfare centre, at which the entire Battalion seemed to be assembled. Everyone was in great spirits over the welcome news of the final exit of Italy from the war".
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