Sgt. A. J. Wiggams Squad, Guards Depot, March 1942

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    I visited an elderly lady in the village of Portrane, North County Dublin, in relation to the Gt. War service of her Uncle & Father in Law. While there she also gave me this photo from WW2.

    Sgt. A. J. Wiggam's Squad. Irish Guards, March 1942. Guards Depot..jpg


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    I love looking at these course photo's...The Army is always big on uniformity when taking such photo's and I wonder if the little things are done on purpose, a kind of rebellion if you like against army discipline. For example one of them has his heels together and the other is at ease, one of the soldiers in the front row doesn't have his fist clenched.

    When I posed in Squadron photo's me and a mate always swapped rank slides, him being busted to a Corporal and me being promoted to a Sergeant. :lol:
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    Thanks for sharing, I'll have a look to see what I can find about the names listed when I have a bit of time later.

    That's the first Gds training squad pic I've seen featuring a dog :D
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    Dad told me how he and a couple of his mates drew on moustaches for their photo; some caps set at a jaunty angle.,_CPL._P._DOOGANS_SQUAD.html#0

    I can just imagine the puzzled questions posed by later generations when checking your service records against photographic 'proof'.
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    Never thought of drawing on moustaches, that's a good one. The Jaunty Caps reminds me that we did pull our berets down to the left instead of the right once and got marched into the OC's office when the photo arrived at our unit - The boss wasn't happy :lol:
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    I've typed up the names from the photo and placed what info I could find. I ignored details of other possibilities because their Army number did not fall within the apparent range for this squad. This is based on the assumption that men joining up around the same time would have numbers close to each other.
    4 men commemorated by CWGC.

    Sergeant A.J. Wiggam’s Squad, March 1942

    Guardsman J MULCAHY

    Guardsman G. BATTEY
    The Times of 29 July 1943 listed Guardsman Battey E. G. as Killed

    Roll of Honour
    Born Derbyshire, England
    Residence Sussex, England
    Theatre: North Africa

    Rank: Guardsman
    Service No: 2723087
    Date of Death: 27/04/1943
    Age: 20
    Irish Guards, 1st Bn.
    Grave Reference: III. K. 11.
    Additional Information: Son of Ernest and Mary Battey, of Old Glossop, Derbyshire.

    Guardsman J. DEVINE

    Guardsman J. CARNEY

    Guardsman J. AGNEW
    It's possible that the details listed below could be the same man, hard to tell given the non-IG army number, so adding just in case.
    2IG Pre-embarkation List
    6984229 Guardsman Agnew J. 2 Armd - 116
    Army No. means he enlisted initially in Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

    Guardsman M. McINERNEY

    Guardsman J. BARTON
    2IG Pre-embarkation list
    2723088 Guardsman Barton J. 2 Armd - 2

    Guardsman W. JONES
    2IG Pre-embarkation list
    2723086 Guardsman Jones W. 2 Armd - 23

    Guardsman G. GOODING

    Guardsman W. HAMILTON

    Guardsman W. BOOTH

    Guardsman W. CRAWFORD

    Guardsman J. BLACK
    The Times of 13 Apr 1945 listed Lance-Corporal Black J. H. as Died of Wounds

    2IG Pre-embarkation list
    2723094 Lance-Corporal Black J. 2 Armd - 71

    Roll of Honour
    Born Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland
    Residence Lancashire, England
    Theatre Western Europe Campaign

    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Service No: 2723094
    Date of Death: 08/09/1944
    Age: 28
    Regiment/Service: Irish Guards, 2nd Bn.
    Grave Reference: X. 18. 17.
    Additional Information: Son of William and Sarah Black; husband of Sarah Eleanor Black, of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

    Guardsman W. BOWEN
    The Times of 27 Nov 1943 listed Guardsman Bowen W. - Died
    Rank: Guardsman
    Service No: 2723089
    Date of Death: 14/10/1943
    Age: 22
    Regiment/Service: Irish Guards, 3rd Bn.
    Grave Reference: Sec. 22. C. of E. Grave 2246.
    Additional Information: Son of Albert Ernest and Jane Bowen, of Liverpool.

    Guardsman D. DEMPSEY

    Sergeant A.J. WIGGAM
    1989, IG Journal
    2717790 Sergeant Wiggam A. J. from 10 May 1933 to 4 Nov 1937 & from 1 Sep 1939 to 1 Jan 1946, died on 24 Jan 1989 aged 76

    Guardsman J. MURPHY

    Guardsman E. FARRELL
    The Times of 30 Mar 1944 lists Guardsman Farrell E. as Killed

    Roll of Honour
    Born Paisley
    Residence Paisley
    Theatre Italy

    Rank: Guardsman
    Service No: 2723080
    Date of Death: 26/01/1944
    Age: 21
    Irish Guards, 1st Bn.
    Grave Reference: I, U, 11.
    Additional Information: Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Farrell, of Paisley, Renfrewshire.

    Guardsman S. HUSTON
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    Nice to see another one of Bunce's. His images are always good and his detailed mounts are first-class. If only other group photos gave so much info.

    I have one of 2nd Northampton's NCOs and senior officers also dated March 1942 when they were billetted around Caterham.
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