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    :(The Sniezko-Blocki family maintained a medium sized farm estate named Rudec in the East of Poland immediately prior to WW2. They had three sons, Jerzy, Edward and Kazimierz. The estate was confiscated and the family was arrested and sent into exile in Siberia. The father was put in a camp where he was later murdered and the rest of the family were put to work on the land.

    Kazimierz, the youngest son, developed a withering illness and died as a very young man, After Barbarossa, the two older boys made their way to Krasnovodsk and crossed the Caspian Sea to Pahlevi in Persia (Iran) where they joined Anders' army and came west to fight. Their mother stayed in Siberia for several years and came to England after the war.

    Edward became an air gunner with 304 Squadron and, after the war, he emigrated to Australia, where he worked on various Government schemes and then in the copper mines. The eldest brother, Jerzy, became a fighter pilot and stayed in England where he became an industrial chemist. All of the wartime family are now dead but I am trying to recreate their lives for the benefit of the later generations. Jerzy Sniezko-Blocki served either with the PAF or in one of the RAF fighter squadrons but I have been unable to track down his records. Can anyone help with information on which squadrons, training units or OTU's he served.

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