Some old photos. Egypt '42 G.H.Q RAC o2e m.e.f

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    As part of my ongoing mission with genealogy i have found some photos of my Grandfathers time in the military.
    I'll upload the photos and tag the names etc. Hopefully they may be of use to somebody else as well

    1 of 2.jpeg 2 of 2.jpeg Image (2).jpg Image (7).jpg Image (3).jpg
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    Excellent pics. Loving the foresight of writing their names on the back, if only they were like that!
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  3. Owen

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    Looking at The Royal Wilts by Pitt.
    There is a listing of those who were embodied in August & September 1939 for
    Tpr EE Perkins 324065 of HQ Squadron. .

    In February 1940 he embarked for Palestine as a Corporal still in HQ Squadron.
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