South African Air Force in WW II.

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    As the website, SAAF WW2 Heritage Site, notes, "the history of the South African force's participation in the second world war has been badly neglected since 1948, when a new government came to power that opposed South Africa's involvement in the war." The website,, provides an extensive review of the SAAF achievements during WW II.
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    Very nice work, thanks for sharing!

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    I am not a South African; I am only a student of history. I have always thought South Africa's participation in World War II was under reported. There must have been an active anti-submarine naval activity mounted out of South Africa as well as the South African Air Force activities in Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe. Can anyone suggest any websites that might cover South African naval activities during World War II?
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    The South African Military history museum in Johannisburg is well worth visiting.
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    Just made contact with Tinus who runs the cited website, he is still working on the SAAF history. I found that I have details of a 5 Squadron pilot, Keith Robert Coster RIP, who does not appear on the website, so pointed towards a source document.

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